Meet Juliette Rhinow, President of Gettysburg Amnesty International

By Zach Brooks, Staff Writer

Juliette Rhinow (left) and Tiffany Gonzalez (right) in front of their table at the Fall Activities Fair

Juliette Rhinow (left) and Tiffany Gonzalez (right) in front of their table at the Fall Activities Fair (photo provided)

Juliette Rhinow ’25 is a public policy and women, gender, and sexuality studies double major, Resident Assistant for Rice Hall at Gettysburg College, and the newest reviver of the College chapter of Amnesty International (AMNI), the world’s largest non-governmental human rights organization.

“Gettysburg had a chapter of AMNI on campus before, and why not bring it back?” Rhinow said.

Rhinow was inspired by AMNI’s non-partisan and individualistic approach to tackling some of today’s biggest human rights challenges, and with this mission in mind she began working towards restarting the club.

This work included recruiting an officer board, writing a club constitution, and being recognized by the Student Senate. Meeting on campus and in person with the officer board earlier this year is one of Rhinow’s favorite memories. 

“I had a rewarding feeling that we all made a connection, and we had a good team to really push AMNI forward,” she said.

Rhinow alongside recruitment chair and fellow Resident Assistant Tiffany Gonzalez ’24 had over one hundred interested students approach them at the College’s annual fall activities fair.

“It was nice to make our own poster, and we kept it as a memory to remember our first Activities Fair,” Rhinow said.

Members of the club can participate in two ways. These include attending club meetings or activism, such as petition signing, running information tables, hosting calls to representatives events, and fundraising.

The club plans to meet once a month to introduce members to each other and to the executive board, discuss why members are interested in being in AMNI, and what their human rights activist goals are. However, club meetings are not the focus of the organization.

“We want to be not just a club that meets, but a club that’s doing something,” Rhinow said.

One activist effort Rhinow hopes to administer at Gettysburg College is Write for Rights, a movement for people to write to their governments in support of those who have been wrongly incarcerated for nonviolent activism.

“We see you, we see your rights have been violated, and we’re fighting for you,” she said.

A key to Rhinow’s ambition for AMNI is her strong organizational and time management skills.

“I also prioritize and make sure I do the most important things first and everything else trickles down from there,” she said.


To stay up to date on club activities, meetings, and activism, students can follow AMNI on Instagram @amnestyatgburg or reach out to AMNI at

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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