Student Senate 9/12: Budget Updates and Progress on Constitution Amendments

By Kenzie Smith, Staff Writer

Monday’s Student Senate Meeting inducted new members, passed a budget request, addressed various student concerns, and continued to make progress amending the Constitution. 


Officer Reports

President Miranda Zamora ’23 started off by welcoming the newly elected individuals. Zamora discussed the Ralph Cavalier award, which was forwarded to the student body via email. The award is given to an outstanding professor, and Zamora asked that nominations be submitted by the beginning of next week. Zamora also noted that the Fall Activities Fair will be held on Sept. 14 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Stine Lake. 

Vice President Geoffrey Meadville ’25 opened the floor for Senate Advisor and Associate Vice President of College Life Jeff Foster to lead inducted students through a certifying ceremony. Meadville welcomed all members to the Senate and offered a fall refresher highlighting Robert’s Rules, which are the basic rules of Senate functions and expectations for members. Meadville also led elections for each affinity group leader, so that they can become a voting member of the Senate.


Budget Updates

Treasurer Hannah Repole ’25 gave the second budget update for the 2022-2023 year. She explained that there is $84,143.72 remaining in the budget so far, and $7,972.71 has been spent.

There was one budget request of $3,400 from the Jazz Appreciation Society for their Annual Swing Dance Event. The request passed.

Repole also mentioned that she created a step-by-step video for making a budget request which can be found on the Senate website. Repole said to email her with any questions and made a reminder that any type of money request needs to go through Engage Gettysburg.

Secretary Nick Silvis ’23 took the floor to discuss the Senate Open, which will take place on Sept. 17 in the Attic. A DJ is still needed for this event and if interested, Silvis said to contact him. 


Club Reports and Announcements

The Young Americans for Freedom adorned Stine Lake with miniature American flags on Sept. 13 in honor of Remembrance Day.


Student Concerns and Announcements 

President Miranda Zamora ’23 followed up on student concerns from last week. The Stone Lot access will not be opened, as money can be better spent on other places on campus. The dorm buildings cannot handle AC in every room, so this will not be made universally available. However,  the process to be approved for AC will be made more straightforward. 

Zamora moved on to the new concerns of the week. One student raised concern about all the washers in Apple Hall being out of order. Zamora said that Facilities is aware, but she will make sure to bring it to President’s Council.

Another student said that the Chaplain has exhibited bias against members of the Newman Association. Zamora suggested that a bias report be filled out to proceed further with the concern.


New Business 

All Policy from the constitutional edits of last week was on the table to be discussed. Zamora hopes to finish the Constitution’s revamp to allow more focus on campus and student issues. 

Two policies were amended and will be tabled until next week for review again. There will be an orientation for new and old members of Senate on Sept. 18.

Student Senate will meet again on Sept. 19. 


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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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