Musselman Library Conducts Second Student Textbook Survey

By Alicia Method, Staff Writer

For many Gettysburg College students, buying and renting textbooks at the start of each semester can create a significant financial burden. To learn about the cost of textbook prices for students, Musselman Library has launched its second student textbook survey, this time extending the survey to multiple college campuses. 

The survey, inspired by a similar questionnaire put out by Florida Virtual Campus, asks questions such as “How much did books (textbooks, novels, ebooks) cost you for all Fall 2022 courses?” and “What measures have you taken to reduce your required book costs for the Fall 2022 semester?” Using the survey responses, both Musselman Library and the college hope to better understand how textbook prices affect student wellbeing.  

Musselman Library first conducted a textbook survey in 2019. The results showed that almost two-thirds of those who participated spent more than $200 on textbooks. Additionally, in most cases, financial aid did not cover the cost of those textbooks. 

Another striking statistic from the 2019 survey stated that only 1% of participants reported not using a cost-reducing strategy when purchasing textbooks, such as sharing or renting books, trading used copies, or not buying required materials. The survey found that cost-reducing measures such as these can negatively impact a student’s experience in the classroom.

This year’s survey will remain open until the end of day on Monday, Sept. 29. Students who respond will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Dining Services gift card. Any questions regarding the survey can be directed to Mary Elmquist at
Students who wish to complete the survey may do so through the following link:

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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