Miranda Zamora ‘23 and Her Role as Student Senate President

Heather Wirick, Contributing Writer

(Photo courtesy of Miranda Zamora)

(Photo courtesy of Miranda Zamora)

Outside of the office, Miranda Zamora ’23 is a true Gettysburgian. Acting as philanthropy and social chair for Sigma Sigma Sigma, a Fielding Fellow for the Eisenhower Institute, a certified ZUMBA instructor and tour guide, she is heavily involved in campus life and knowledgeable about student life. Coming into her senior year as Student Senate President, Zamora has plans to revamp Senate’s image and improve the connection between members of the college community.

“The Senate has faced a unique set of challenges,” Zamora said as the Senate emerges from a year of decreased participation, impeachments, and a lack of communication with the student body. 

With a multi-pronged outreach approach, Zamora and her executive board plan to act as a bridge for the student body. 

Student Senate is beginning the semester with an overhaul of its Constitution. The parliamentary procedure has been altered for efficiency and procedure rules have been clarified. 

Weekly meetings remain open to the campus community and students are encouraged to participate on Mondays at 7:00 p.m in CUB 260. Additionally, the ‘Questions and Concerns’ form is open for use, listed on the Senate website. Zamora and the rest of the executive board believe these steps will provide a better platform for the student voice.

Another prominent concern on campus is the lack of communication between the Administration and the student body, a concern that Zamora doesn’t take lightly. Thus, the Student Senate has made a point to bridge the parties as well as destigmatize the organizational nature of the college administration. Senate groups are assigned a designated administrator to encourage more direct communication, in addition to weekly meetings attended by Zamora and members of the administration. 

In theory, this new method will allow for more change without encroachment on student life. While the Senate is working to act as that bridge, students are welcome to office hours of both President Iuliano (via appointment or monthly event) and Dean Ehrlich (Mondays 1-3 pm in CUB 220 or via Instagram @gburgdeananne).

“The Senate works for you—it hasn’t felt that way but I am hoping to make the change,” Zamora said. 

She has already paved the way for the betterment of the Senate. With a determined set of plans to rebuild bridges on campus, Zamora will be able to amend connections throughout campus and continue to be an active representative for the student body.

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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