Listeners & Performers Host Open Mic Night at the Junction and Have More Events Planned in October

By Kenzie Smith, Contributing Writer

In early September, Listeners & Performers hosted an open mic event in the Junction at CUB. People began to arrive half an hour before the start time, and by nine o’clock, the Junction was packed with students. Though a sign-up sheet had been sent out via email, sign-ups were available on the spot and people took advantage of this opportunity. 

Ratul Pradhan ’25 and Jack Joiner ’25, the co-presidents of Listeners & Performers, were very excited for this event to occur. 

“Last year it was just an idea spread by word of mouth,” Pradhan said. 

Pradhan and Joiner were glad to be able to hold a more organized event this year. They love having the opportunity to create an inclusive and diverse community for everyone to share their talents. 

“We had a great team this year to make everything go smoothly and we’re glad for all the interest, especially in first-years,” the duo said. 

The large amount of interest as mentioned by the co-presidents was exhibited by the energetic and excited crowd. The night was kicked off by the skilled Nate and The Jazzgoons, a jazz band. After they finished their two song covers, many more talented individuals and groups followed. 

Nothing was missing from the Open Mic Night. There were covers, originals, amazing vocalists, incredible musicians, breathtaking poetry, and instances of comedy. The crowd was receptive and supportive toward all the performers. Aside from offering engaging performances, Listeners & Performers also provided mocktails for students to enjoy.

There were many memorable moments of the night ranging from a cover of “Sincerely Me” from Dear Evan Hanson, powerful poetry from Adam Torres ’26, an incredible rock band, and when Pradhan himself took the stage. As the clock neared eleven, the last act of the night took the stage: a duet of Adele’s “Turning Tables,” but the Listeners & Performers and Gettysburg’s chapter of the music fraternity Sigma Alpha Iota chapter had one more “performance” up their sleeve.

The SAI had been collecting donations throughout the night for their chapter. Each member, including Pradhan, had a container where the money could be placed. Each of the members of SAI and Pradhan would receive at least one pie in the face at the end of the event, but whoever gained the most in donations would be pied double the amount of the other individuals. As all the acts came to an end and the money was counted, it was revealed that Pradhan had received the most money in his container. Pradhan ended up getting three plates of whipped cream shoved in his face, while the SAI members only received one each.

The open mic was a hit. It garnered a large turnout and many talented acts. Listeners & Performers are planning similar events in the future, including events on Oct. 18 and 21.More details will be released closer to those times. 

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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