April 22, 2022: Springfest, Senate Elections & Stone Lot

April 22, 2022: Springfest, Senate Elections & Stone Lot

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Episode #3 of The GettysPod features the weekly news briefing, hosted by Phoebe Doscher and Carter Hanson.

Reporting for this episode was contributed by Nicole DeJacimo, Laken Franchetti, Alli Dayton, Gracie Meisner, Victoria Staub, Jack Herr and Emily Dalgleish. The GettysPod is hosted by Phoebe Doscher and produced and edited by Carter Hanson. Theme music for The GettysPod was composed by Sofia Rocha. Listen to The GettysPod on iTunes, Overcast, Stitcher, Google Play, or anywhere else you listen to podcasts.

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Author: Carter Hanson

Carter Hanson '23 is the Magazine Editor of The Gettysburgian. He has previously worked as Opinions Editor, Investigative Reporter and Staff Writer. He is a political science and philosophy major from Boulder, Colorado. Beyond the Gettysburgian, he serves as the Treasurer of Gettysburg College Democrats and is a member of the Four Scores A Capella group. When not in class or busy with one of his many extracurriculars, he enjoys crushing the competition in Wordle, reading sci-fi parables of political theory and skiing down the steepest mountains he can find.

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