Campus Receives Health Update: Community Member Tests Positive for Tuberculosis

By Laken Franchetti, News Editor

On Thursday, Associate Vice President for College Life Jess Foster and Executive Director of Human Resources Jen Lucas sent out a campus wide-email informing that a community member has tested positive for tuberculosis (TB). The community member is off campus and currently receiving treatment.

The email provided a description of TB, a bacterial infection that spreads through the air after prolonged and frequent exposure to the infected or symptomatic person. Casual contact involving brief amounts of time around another is typically not sufficient for the transmission of TB bacteria. TB cannot be contracted from surfaces, toilets, water, food, clothes or casual contact such as handshakes. A link was provided to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for more information about TB.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health / Adams County State Health Center is currently working to identify close contacts, and Adams County State Health Center representatives will reach out directly to anyone considered to be a close contact. The Pennsylvania Department of Health / Adams County State Health Center also plans to set up an on-campus clinic for those identified as close contacts so that they can be screened and tested. Further information about this clinic will be shared soon.

The email stated, “As always, our top priority is the health and safety of our community. The College will share additional information and updates on this situation as appropriate. In the meantime, please use the contacts below if you have questions.”

The College is working to understand if the cost for screening and testing will be covered for close contacts. If the cost is not covered by the Pennsylvania Department of Health / Adams County State Health Center, the College will pay for the screening and a TB test at the Health Center for close contacts. 

Questions about the case and the close contact investigation should be directed to the Adams County State Health Center at 717-334-2112. General questions regarding TB should be directed to the Gettysburg Health Center by WellSpan Health at 717-337-4105.

Students who have questions can email Jeff Foster at

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Author: Laken Franchetti

Laken Franchetti ’24 serves as the Editor-in-Chief for The Gettysburgian. She has previously served as News Editor, Assistant News Editor and as a staff writer for the news and arts and entertainment sections. Laken is an English with a writing concentration and history double major. On-campus, she is the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus, the Nonfiction Genre Head for The Mercury and a user services assistant at Musselman Library. Laken is also a Lincoln scholar and spent the Fall ’22 semester abroad in London and Lancaster, England. In her free time, Laken is an avid film fan and enjoys reading.

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