Campus-Wide Email Alerts Students to Hidden Phone Recording at SAE Party over the Weekend

By Gracie Meisner, Assistant News Editor 

On Monday, Oct. 24, Vice President for College Life and Dean of Students Anne Ehrlich sent out a campus-wide email detailing an incident that occurred at a Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) party on Saturday, Oct. 22. 

“Campus Safety received a report that individuals using a bathroom during a Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) party Saturday night (October 22) were video recorded by a hidden phone,” said Ehrlich. “Campus Safety has reported the matter to the Gettysburg Police Department and will cooperate with their investigation. Because there is an active investigation, the information we can share is limited.”

Campus Safety has identified a student who may be responsible for the incident and has temporarily separated them from campus pending further investigation. SAE has been placed on social suspension pending resolution of the incident. 

Ehrlich noted that Campus Safety and Office of Title IX and Sexual Respect are reaching out to provide resources and support as individuals are identified in the footage, and further urged any students who used the first floor single occupant bathroom at SAE on Saturday night to contact Faith Biesecker in Campus Safety at

Ehrlich concluded her email by sending condolences to the students impacted by the incident and reiterated that support is available for any community member. 

“My heart goes out to those students who experienced such a gross violation of privacy within a community that holds trust and mutual respect as fundamental values,” said Ehrlich. “I also recognize that the impact will be felt beyond those directly involved. The Office of Title IX and Sexual Respect, Counseling Services, and other areas of College Life are available to provide support to any member of our community who seeks it.”

 The president of SAE declined to respond to a request for comment. 

President of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) Jack Roesch ’23 said, “…the Interfraternity Council, on behalf of the Gettysburg College fraternity community, would like to state that we strongly condemn the actions that were noted in the report. As a community, we strive to ensure our members uphold the ideals of each of our organizations and do not condone acts of this nature by our members, or within our physical spaces…We continue to strive to provide safe social spaces for the Gettysburg College community and intend to actively work towards development of programs and initiatives that promote sexual respect and well-being for both our members and peers in the campus community.”

President of Gamma Phi Beta Jenna Giordano ’23 said, “We had members of Gamma Phi at SAE on Saturday so we’re doing everything we can to support the chapter at this time. We are disappointed to hear that something like this would happen but we’re happy to hear that the school is taking action on the issue.”

Editor-in-Chief Katie Oglesby and Magazine Editor George Malian contributed to reporting.

Editor’s note: This article was edited at 6:22 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 25 to include a statement from the president of the IFC and the president of Gamma Phi Beta. (-K. Oglesby)

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Author: Gracie Meisner

Gracie Meisner ’25 serves as the Assistant News Editor for The Gettysburgian. She previously served as the Features Editor and a staff writer for the News, Features, and Sports sections. Gracie is a sociology and public policy double major, with a minor in German studies. On campus, Gracie is an Eisenhower Scholar Mentor, a member of the Gettysburg College swim team, a Junior PEEP for Counseling Services, Vice President of the Women’s Network, Vice President for the Amnesty International Club, and a volunteer for the Center for Public Service’s CASA Sunday Swimming program.

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  1. Have times changed. Sounds like the SAE’s of the 1960’s when such behavior was considered “normal”.

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