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Regina Tyree

Regina Tyree

Whether someone is a first-year student or a senior, everyone at Gettysburg College knows Regina Tyree. Since her first day on campus in 2012, she has put smiles on students’ faces in and out of Gettysburg College Dining Services.

According to Tyree, her Gettysburg family is something extraordinary. She loves getting to see the students each day.

“I have kids of my own, but you’re all my kids too!” Tyree said. 

One of Tyree’s favorite parts of the job is seeing her Gettysburg “kids” every day. The register at the entrance of Servo is where Tyree is often seen greeting students on a first name basis. The register is her favorite part about working at Servo.

“All it takes is one of you guys to make my day, and addressing someone by their name is more personable,” Tyree said. 

She also loves seeing students enjoying college life at Gettysburg, like enjoying Servo cookies with friends. “My favorite servo cookies are the snickerdoodle and the lemon coconut cookies,” Tyree said.

After ten years since Tyree’s first day on campus, she has enjoyed watching the college change around her. “It’s nice to see more diversity on campus. Gettysburg has truly become a melting pot, and it’s beautiful!” Tyree said. 

However, one thing stays constant for her, and that is tradition. Though she is not a student, Tyree says she enjoys the traditions that Gettysburg students take pride in just as much as the rest of campus. 

One tradition that comes to her mind is the annual Servo Thanksgiving.

“Students can get two thanksgivings, one at home and another with their Gettysburg family,” said Tyree. She knows how happy students get dressing up, sitting down together, and sharing food with their friends.

Another of Tyree’s favorite campus events is the International Food Festival during Spring. Last year was Regina’s first time working at the event, and she loved watching  students have fun and be themselves.

“I always look forward to first year move-in, when everyone comes back from winter break, and when I see students who come back from study abroad. You don’t realize how much you miss them until you see them again.” Tyree said.

When Tyree is not working at Servo, she enjoys listening to My Chemical Romance and Madonna. She is also a fan of dark comedy movies like Heathers, Jawbreaker, and Fargo

Tyree advises Gettysburg College students to make great memories while on campus so that they will have something memorable to look back on in the future.

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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