Student Senate 4/25: Awards and Inductions for Final Meeting of the Semester

The Student Senate executive board during a meeting (Photo Aly Wein/The Gettysburgian)

The Student Senate executive board during a meeting (Photo Aly Wein/The Gettysburgian)

By Phoebe Doscher, Editor-in-Chief

The last Student Senate meeting of the semester included an induction ceremony for newly elected senators, presentation of awards, and thank you messages from the executive board.

Officer Reports, Notes of Gratitude and Awards

President Syd Quan ’22 began by thanking Senate for the work over the past year.

“I am at a loss of words because I’ve been dedicated to this for the past four years,” Quan said.

She presented cords to the seniors who have served on the executive board of Senate for at least a year: Senator Lauren Browning ’22, Senior Class President Courtney Cholewa ’22, Shane Carley ’22, Inclusion Officer Alex Economou ’22, Giacomo Coppola ’22 and Senator Daniel Jones ’22.

Vice President Miranda Zamora ’23 gave an officer report and expressed her excitement for the coming academic year as president.

“I’m excited to work with you all next year, and thank you for what you all have done this year.” 

Senate presented a budget update: For the semester, money spent is $75,771.13, and the money remaining is $15,739.87.

Secretary Evelyn Datte ’24 presented awards to Senate:

  • First-Year Senator of the Year: Hannah Repole ’25
  • Sophomore Senator of the Year: Andrew Lemon ’24
  • Junior Senators of the Year Carter Zamora’23 and Nick Silvis ’23
  • Senior Senator of the Year: Lily Sellers ’22
  • Senator-at-Large of the Year: Aiden Campo ’24
  • Affinity Group Leader of the Year: EJ Gill ’23
  • Most Improved Voting Member: Geoffrey Meadville ’25
  • Committee with the Best Initiative: CLAC
  • Most Involved Constituent: Jack Murphy ’24
  • Affinity group leader with best constituent engagement: EJ Gill ’23
  • Most Involved or Influential Faculty/Administrative Member Not Involved with Senate: VP of Facilities Jim Beisecker
  • Most Involved Club: GECO
  • Best Senate-Funded Event: Burgburst
  • Club with Perfect Attendance: Ski Club
  • The Jon A. Allen Award: Assistant Director of OSAGL Jon Allen
  • Executive Board Member with the Most Initiative: Evelyn Datte ’24

Alex Economou ’22 continued the officer reports with a thank-you to Senate for their work over the past four years.

Allen provided an update about Springfest weekend and thanked Senate for a great year. 

“This is the most student organization involvement in Springfest weekend we’ve ever seen,” he said, noting that over 70 events took place throughout the weekend. “Based on the feedback, everyone liked this model.”

Allen will be on paternity leave until late October of the 2023 academic year. Associate VP for College Life Jeff Foster will serve as Senate’s advisor in the interim.

“Thank you for a great year. I know it was difficult, but you did great work,” Allen said.

Budget Requests

Budget request from Biosphere: requested $150 for Careers Not in Research Talk for former STEM majors to discuss their careers in professions outside of research. The Budget Management Committee recommended the full amount.

They also requested $185 for a Rita’s Ice Cream Social the week of final exams. BMC recommended $115—a $70 deduction from their previous request since their graduation cords were covered by the base budget. 

The recommended amounts passed.

Disciplemakers Christian Fellowship requested $4,000 for registration fees for a week-long conference. The amount passed in full.

New American Renaissance requested $940 for camera equipment and an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for students to build their own brands. The amount passed in full.

Committee Reports

The Safety Committee shared that they will be meeting with DPS about starting self defense classes next year. 

Over the summer, Ethan Wilt ’24 will be going to town council meetings to discuss crosswalk accessibility and speed bumps on campus. 

The Committee is also working with Executive Director of DPS Alex Wiltz to discuss potentially changing the key system.

There were no club reports and announcements or student concerns.


Senate officially inducted their newly elected Senators and officers for the 2022–23 academic year. The inductees are as follows:

Senate Executive Board:

President Miranda Zamora ’23

Vice President Geoffrey Meadville ’25

Treasurer Hannah Repole ’25

Parliamentarian Joey Labrie ’25

Inclusion Officer Allie Acero ’23

Class of 2023 Officers:

President Tom Cassara ’23

Vice President EJ Gill ’23

Secretary Nick Silvis ’23

Senators in Class of 2023:

Anna Benson ’23

Carter Zamora ’23

Tom Cassara ’23

EJ Gill ’23

Nick Silvis ’23

Class of 2024 Officers:

President (Fall 2022): Evelyn Datte ’24

President (Spring 2023): Jack Comegno ’24

Vice President (Fall 2022): Drew Lemon ’24

Vice President (Spring 2023): Gia Komst ’24

Treasurer (Fall 2022): Niamh Gorman ’24

Treasurer (Spring 2023): Gwen Michaels ’24

Secretary (Fall 2022): Natalie Peck ’24

Secretary (Spring 2023): Abby Zucatti ’24

Class of 2024 Senators:

Drew Lemon ’24

Alexis Jones ’24

Evelyn Datte ’24

Jake Gandolfo ’24

Clayton Brosend ’24

Alex Rosado ’24

Jack Murphy ’24

Brendan Donnelly ’24

Ben Fox ’24

Class of 2025 Officers:

President Carl Demarco ’25

Treasurer Michael Woods ’25

Class of 2025 Senators

Chris Miller ’25

Carl Demarco ’25

Lana Sader ’25

Michael Woods ’25

After the induction, this semester’s final Senate meeting was adjourned.

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Author: Phoebe Doscher

Phoebe Doscher ’22 is the Editor-in-Chief of The Gettysburgian. She formerly worked as Magazine Editor, News Editor, Assistant News Editor, Staff Writer, and Copyeditor. She is an English with a Writing Concentration and Theatre Arts double major. On campus, she is an intern for Gettysburg’s Communications & Marketing Office, the president of the Owl & Nightingale Players, and the News Director for WZBT, serving as the co-host of The Gettysburgian’s podcast On Target.

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