A Call for Transparency: How Financial Cuts are Affecting the College Experience

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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  1. This is extraordinarily well written undergirded by solid research. Thank you. Hopefully, all assertions of facts will
    be upheld.
    It seems that the college’s priorities of administrative staff over faculty is terribly destructive to the sacred goal of education. The marginal, overloaded administrative and staff fringe to that sacred goal should be terminated; it would impact some student services, but hopefully, provide the budgets to accommodate the fundamental services exposed as now downgraded.
    Why is the College not surveying another critically significant stakeholder
    body, the alumni? All we get is begs for money coupled with exaggerated claims of the excellence of the institution, puffery opposite reality, for over $70,000
    a year? No thanks, have been on campus very frequently and have observed wasteful, irrational spending on marginal
    personnel and on capital improvements which are not necessary.
    The College needs more students to pump in more dollars to improve cash flow; sell off many assets that are cash drains(The vehicle fleet numbers more than 200, and that makes financial sense?). Sell the former Agway property, sitting there undeveloped several years. Sell buildings committed to special interests that can be served in underutilized buildings elsewhere on campus.
    Then again students, there are options; perfectly functional and less expensive educational alternatives exist elsewhere.
    The performance of the Board of Trustees is seriously questionable.
    Thanks again for this message which took some courage and much intelligence to write.
    Harry Buzzerd ‘64’

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