Sunderman Spotlight: Nicole Densmoor

Recital poster for Nicole Densmoor's senior recital in the Sunderman Conservatory of Music (Photo provided)

Recital poster for Nicole Densmoor’s senior recital in the Sunderman Conservatory of Music (Photo provided)

By Michelle Grosser, Staff Writer

What is your major? 

Music (BA) with a minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies 

What is your instrument?  

Voice – mezzo soprano 

What has been the most important part of your conservatory experience? 

The community! Everyone in the conservatory is so loving and supportive of one another, and we all seek to encourage and build each other up. I wouldn’t have half the confidence in myself as a musician without the community of the conservatory staff and faculty. 

How will your time here have influence on your career in music? 

The lessons I’ve learned here have helped me become a more well-rounded musician. I am now able to make better connections between the music itself and its historical and cultural contexts, have developed some skills to educate others in music, and gained tools to become a better musician and singer. 

Tell me about your recital. 

My recital is featuring many songs that are dear to my heart. My sister will be coming to join me on stage to sing two duets from Humperdinck’s opera Hänsel und Gretel. These duets are very special to us because they were one of the first classical songs we have ever learned, and it set us towards a love of music. I am also featuring four Indonesian art songs in an effort to promote them in the conservatory and encourage other students to study and perform them. 

What is your advice for future conservatory students? 

Know your limits. The conservatory will throw a lot of wonderful and fantastic opportunities at you, but do not feel pressured to accept every single one in fear of missing out. While these things are presented with good intentions, they can often add to your stress and anxiety levels. So know your limits, and know that it’s okay to say no. 

Nicole Densmoor’s senior recital is on February 25 at 2:30 p.m. in Paul Recital Hall, Schmucker Hall.

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Author: Michelle Grosser

Michelle Grosser '18 is a staff writer and photographer for The Gettysburgian. A senior at Gettysburg College’s Sunderman Conservatory of Music, she is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a minor in Educational Studies. Michelle enjoys music analysis, arranging, and composition. When she is not studying, Michelle loves to read and spend time outdoors. After graduating in the spring of 2018, Michelle plans to pursue her master’s degree in Music Theory.

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