Dodging the Bullet: Roommate Puts Fears to Rest

First-year Jennifer Clogg shares that her fears were allayed in initial interactions with her roommate.

First-year Jennifer Clogg shares that her fears were allayed in initial interactions with her roommate.

By Jennifer Clogg, Contributing Writer

I am not one to use Facebook Messenger for anything more than playing Words with Friends, so when a message request from someone named Jourdynn Cooper popped up, I was surprised. I expected a spam message from someone unknown requesting an instant transfer of money because my husband had been kidnapped in New York City. But, before I clicked the “delete” button, something made me stop and read the message first.

What followed was the longest conversation I’ve ever had on Facebook Messenger — it was my roommate! The conversation ended in relief (she’s incredibly kind and normal! What luck!), excitement (we actually like the same things!), and euphoria at having made a friend out of the girl I am going to live with for my first year as a Gettysburgian. Since that day a little earlier this month, we have talked every day, and discover more commonalities each day. We both have a love of Disney, children, and our school. But as we talk, we are also discovering that we have differences, and that’s okay, too. She is strong in physics (I’m really not), she enjoys “The Office” while I’m more into “American Horror Story.” I will be playing intramural softball while she is trying out for the cheer team. What’s important is that thus far, we have the same core values, and that is what helps us to get along every day, and it is what will carry us through the school year.

Although Jourdynn is my first real friend at Gettysburg, she will be far from the last. I know that in the next four years, I will meet people who will become integral parts of the rest of my life. I will meet future maids of honor, best friends, significant others, and potentially even my future husband. The relationships and connections that I will make will help shape who I am as a person, and hopefully I will shape others’ lives positively, as well. Meeting my roommate and first close friend was a huge relief as I prepare for my first year, but I know much lies ahead before I fully “bite the bullet.”

Editor’s Note: This article is the fourth of our series “Dodging the Bullet: The First Year Journal,” in which The Gettysburgian‘s staff members from the Class of 2021 share stories, reflections, and perspective on their first year experience. You can read the full series here. (BP)

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Author: Jennifer Clogg

Jennifer Clogg '21 hails from Gaithersburg, Maryland. She intends to double major in English and Spanish and is undecided on any minors. Jennifer is an editor and planner of contests for The Gettysburgian. As a Gettysburg student, she plans to participate in theater and intramural softball. Fun fact: Throughout all of high school theater, Jennifer only played a female character once because she came from a very small high school with many more girls in the theater program than boys, leading her often to take male roles that the other girls were unwilling to fill.

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