Time to stop believin’

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By Alex Romano, Opinions Editor

Since the Age of Enlightenment that began in the eighteenth century, there has been constant friction between the scientific and religious communities regarding such questions as the origin of man, that of the universe, what happens after death, and the existence of a divine being or divine beings. It is unquestionable that this touchy topic and the unending feud fought because of it have caused ample rethinking, valid intellectual inquiry, profound introspection and a good number of hurt feelings over the ages.

However, there is one topic under discussion that has brought both the scientific and the religious communities to stalemate. This is not because it is one of those overwhelmingly complex, logic-defying and hard-to-swallow aspects of phenomena that just goes over the heads of both scientist and theologian alike for all of its uncertainty-raising bafflement. Rather, this is one subject of discourse that serves both sides. It is none other than the classic, global 1981 single “Don’t Stop Believin'” by the American rock group Journey.

First consider this quote from famed atheist Richard Dawkins, author of “The God Delusion”: “If you are seeking definitive evidence regarding the nonexistence of God or any other divine being, the answer does not lie in evolution, the supposed faults in the watchmaker analogy, or a lack of proof on the part of theists to support their claims, but in the existence of the song “Don’t Stop Believin'” by the anthemic rock band Journey. That song is trite, mawkish, and utterly cancerous trash, and no omnibenevolent deity would ever allow its being. There you have it. God is dead because Journey killed Him.”

Then consider this quote from Reverend Billy Graham, the much-admired former White House spiritual adviser to presidents Eisenhower through Nixon: “Some people do not believe in God and the Devil, or Heaven and Hell, for reasons of science, among other things. But, if you have ever listened to the song “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey…. Well, then you know that there HAS to be a Devil. No other way could such an ungodly, horrendous song exist. It was recorded under Beelzebub’s own label.”

It is always amazing how different a song’s impact can be based on who listens to it. And with this song in particular, entire beliefs are heightened in passion, used for both sides of the science/religion debate (provided that the validity of one cancels out the necessity of the other, but that’s a different article altogether). So take another listen if you can bear to, and decide for yourself. Oh, and have a happy April Fools’ Day.

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Author: Alex Romano

Alex Romano '20 is currently editor of the Opinions Section for The Gettysburgian, and is studying to earn a double major in English with a Concentration in Writing and History, and a minor in Theatre Arts. He is also a member of the Film Society and has interest in the school radio program, the literary magazine, and awards offered through the school’s English Department.

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