The best Gettysburg has to offer … #14 will blow your mind

Free speech and political correctness were topics at the forefront of the debate sparked by controversial posters put up by Young Americans for Freedom. Photo credit to

An example of the extremely positive and substantive political discourse we have come to appreciate here at Gettysburg

By The Gettysburgian‘s Editorial Staff
20. Comfortable toilet paper

19. Laundry fees that students are happy to pay

18. Variety of on-campus food options after 10 pm

17. Refreshing morning commutes from Ice House

16. Reasonable tuition costs

15. High attendance at college-sponsored events that  are not Host Provider

14. Fun, non-alcoholic weekend social events

13. Counselors that are always available to help

12. Single-seating availability in Servo

11. Air conditioning in every residence hall

10. Exciting town nightlife and entertainment

9. Healthy discourse between differing political parties

8. A healthy Greek life community that is not overwhelming

7. Really strong, reliable Wifi

6. Consistently pleasant weather

5. The beautiful sound of construction in the AM

4. Armed campus security

3. Friendly campus wildlife

2. The scenic pond next to Quarry

1. A healthy and positive campus attitude during finals week

April Fools Day Special

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