The so-called “Muslim Problem”: debunking Donald Trump

Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons

Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons

By Jenna Seyer, Staff Writer

“I would certainly implement a database to track Muslims in the United States. It’s all about good management procedures. We have no management.”

Religious tolerance is a core American value. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or affiliate with no religion at all, one of the fundamental ideals of our country is to practice, accept, acknowledge and tolerate any religion. Donald Trump is blatantly violating that principle.

Let’s start off with some political correctness, Mr. Trump. The followers of ISIS are Muslim, yes, but the terrorist group does not symbolize Muslim views as a whole. ISIS equates to Muslim extremists (as Westboro Baptists are fanatics), a radical organization with a mission to harm the Western world. By implementing a database that labels every single Muslim in the country as dangerous, as potential attackers and even as un-American, this technique of political fear causes our own constitutional principles to become threatened. If the notion of a tracking system reminds us of the genocide of the Jewish population (how a database labels Muslims as the yellow star branded Jews), why is Donald Trump the front-runner in the polls? Why is over 30% of the country trusting one of the craziest candidates running for president to lead our nation forward?

We’ve suddenly begun gambling human life. Not only is Trump concerned with sending millions of immigrants and families back to a country that endangered their well-being to begin with, but he’s also willing to monitor, control and manage the lives of Muslim-Americans, a group he believes is a threat to our national security. Muslims are not responsible for the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center; Al Qaeda is. What’s next? That 30% of the nation should realize that Donald Trump is treating Muslims like animals, like dogs with electric-fence detector collars. We should be treating them as people, as human beings and as Americans, because that’s what they are! The only threat to our national security is the increasing power of ISIS and the mindset of religious intolerance that Donald Trump is wrongfully promoting.

To exclaim that Muslims are “manageable” and to even suggest that a group of individuals are susceptible to being controlled is very frightening. What will happen if Muslims refuse to register for the database? How far will Trump be inclined to go with his “good management procedures?” This mechanism of political fear will only inflict more violence into the backbone of the country.

Forget management procedures, implement presidential leadership with deeply rooted American values at the forefront to protect our people from international terrorist forces.

Take notes, Donald.

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  1. Very interesting article with a great diverse prespective! Love it!

    Take notes,Donald.?

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  2. Interesting article with a great diverse perspective Jenna.

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