Phi Kappa Psi Joins Campus

Photo Courtesy of Phi Kappa Psi

By Sarah Lowy

You may have noticed a new fraternity making waves and attracting new members on campus. To find out more about this new fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, The Gettysburgian spoke with Adam Dunworth, Expansion and Recruitment Consultant for Phi Psi and Sam Wilensky, current President of Phi Psi.

Phi Psi was founded in 1852 nationally at Jefferson College, which merged with Washington College and is now Washington and Jefferson College. Gettysburg College was one of its first locations of colonization in 1855. Phi Psi had remained on campus until four years ago. Adam shared, “We left campus four years ago not for any social issue […] the chapter couldn’t sustain itself from a numbers standpoint.” He also pointed out the significant history Phi Psi has with Gettysburg College and that returning to campus was always something Phi Psi had wanted to do.

On the topic of social issues, when asked about Phi Psi’s policy on hazing, Sam said, “Phi Psi has a zero tolerance [policy] on hazing. Since this year is our first official new member education, we were very cautious in planning our education events so that no new member would feel as though [he] were being hazed.”

Seeing all of the promotional materials might make you wonder what makes Phi Psi different from other fraternities on campus. According to Adam it starts with the fact that they are going un-housed. This fosters the environment of a collective brotherhood, focused on academic excellence and community service. Phi Psi’s national philanthropy is the Boys and Girls Club of America. They are currently trying to connect with the Chambersburg chapter of the group, but it has proven difficult to have a partnership with them because of their distance from campus. In lieu of that, Gettysburg’s chapter of Phi Psi is trying to form ties with the YWCA and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

When Sam was asked, he said, regarding what makes Phi Psi different, “Phi Psi’s motto is ‘be who you are only better.’ Our goal is to help members be a better version of themselves. This requires us to make connections that are not centered around alcohol. We use our diversity in events throughout campus to help our members find new programs that will help them improve themselves.”

Sam also spoke on what made him choose Phi Psi: “Phi Psi offered a very unique opportunity […] to really get in on the ground level of an organization and shape it into something amazing. The recruitment platform Phi Psi used was all about ‘Leaving a Legacy’ and that was just something I couldn’t pass up.”

For more information or with questions about joining Phi Psi, please contact Adam at or Sam at

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