PlayStation 4 and Xbox One battle for top gaming console

Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's Playstation 4 are competing for the position of "Best Next Generation Console."

Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4 are competing for the position of “Best Next Generation Console.” Photo Credit:

By Andrew Monthey, Staff Writer

This holiday season, gamers and others will have to make tough decisions on what their choice of consoles will be. Earlier this year, Sony released the highly anticipated PlayStation 4, the newest addition to a family that has dominated the gamer scene for years. The new product has many features to watch for. Let’s see how the PlayStation 4 stacks up against other consoles in the newest generation.

The PlayStation 4 will compete directly with Microsoft’s Xbox One. Both run on an 8-core processer, which is a huge jump from the past. Basically this means they will run smoothly and efficiently. This could prove an advantage for the PlayStation 4 because most games released for it will not take advantage of the full power of these processers. PlayStation 4 owners likely experience better performance than Xbox One players.

The PlayStation 4 still has some kinks to work out. First of all, Sony has not put nearly as much effort into expanding the PlayStation 4’s entertainment potential as Microsoft has for the Xbox One. The App market for Xbox One is much larger than that for PlayStation 4, meaning that there is little value in doing much else than playing games and watching movies in Hi-Def.

The design of the Play- Station 4 is much sleeker than past models, bringing together the advantages of both efficiency and aesthetic design.

Finally, most gamers and consumers are probably wondering how costs and models differ. For one, the PlayStation 4 runs for almost $900 on Amazon alone, whereas the Xbox One is running for around $500. The cost difference is truly a huge advantage for Xbox One consumers.

Furthermore, the Play- Station 4 is still struggling with the way in which games are updated. They seem to be updating quite slowly, and producers are struggling to put together patches and updates in a reasonable amount of time for PlayStation 4.

Overall, the PlayStation 4 is a moderately good console for the holidays and beyond. The console was released in North America

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Author: Brendan Raleigh

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