Medieval Drama presents “You’re Outta Here: The Story of Adam and Eve!”

Adam and Eve PhotoDanielle Dattolo, Contributing Writer

You might not think Adam and Eve is all about “Mad Men”-era gender politics, or that Cain and Abel is really an exercise in bawdy British humor. You might even assume—incorrectly, of course—that Lucifer was never the fairest angel of them all.

Well, you would be wrong. But fortunately for you, a play is rolling into town this Friday with all the answers you never knew you wanted! Come see Professor Christopher Fee’s 312 Medieval Drama class in “You’re Outta Here: The Story of Adam and Eve!” and soon you can show your friends up with inane, extra-Biblical trivia that you won’t hear anywhere else. You might even come up with a joke or two to use at that party next week! If all else fails, you will come out with some great blackmail to use if Professor Fee just won’t sign your Declaration of Major form because he’s “too busy” (All he does is roll around in the grass here—come out and watch, you’ll see).

So what if you were unaware that God prefigures Mufasa from “The Lion King,” or that the story of Cain and Abel actually took place in our very own Gettysburg, Pennsylvania? We can’t all be medieval academics and Biblical scholars! Fear not, for our play is finally here to help you with topics that your one for-credit English class from freshman year might have skipped over, such as the socio-moral nuances of medieval liturgical drama and happy pizza from Cambodia. Believe me, it definitely helps the theology go down!

If you want to know how medieval dramaturgy operates in a modern context, or how relevant Disney references could possibly be to the Bible, or maybe you just want to know what Cambodia tops its happy pizza with, join us on the back steps of Breidenbaugh Hall to find out! Our performance will begin 4:00 PM on Friday, May 3rd, as a part of Gettysburg College’s Celebration and our innate duty to educate the masses.

So don’t deliberately disobey this commandment: Thou shalt be there, rain or shine, this Friday at 4:00 PM! And if the 11th Commandment isn’t enough to get you there, maybe a live snake, some exciting special effects, or one temperamental ox—played by your favorite Department of English Chair—will do the trick.

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Author: AnnaMarie Houlis

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