G-Harmony Bachelorette of the Week: Emily Healey

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Each week we will have an interview with a new cutie on the prowl! This week she loves to party, she’ll write you love songs on her away messages, she’s blonde, she’s Emily Healey!


Nickname: Emdog

Class Year: 2014

Major/Minor: Psychology


What do you enjoy doing in the nice weather we have lately?


Where is your favorite place to go in the summer?

Block Island, Rhode Island

Do you prefer to dine out or in? Why?

Dine out because I like people watching

Tell us about your first crush.

His name was Brendan and he was on my swim team. On my AIM away messages, I would write lyrics to songs and then put his initials at the end with a heart. It didn’t work out.

Describe your dream house.

A house near the beach with a screened porch on the back so I don’t get bug bites when I’m outside

If you could freeze time and everybody around you for ten minutes, what would you do?

Tie everyone’s shoelaces together

What is one nice deed you’ve done for somebody?

One time my roommate was sick, so I went to pick up some medicine for her but I also got her funny cards with babies on them to make her laugh.


Emily was asked to complete the following sentences…

Never have I ever…eaten a pickle.

When I’m home alone I sometimes… sing the National Anthem. One time my dad walked in during the middle of it and I cried.


WORD ASSOCIATION: Emily received a series of words and was told to quickly respond with the first word that came to her mind upon hearing each word.

Jack: Daniels

Orange: Peels

Grass: Stains

Football: Game

Zebra: White

Star: Fish

Tan: Glow

Paisley: Tacky

Perfection: One Direction

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Author: AnnaMarie Houlis

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