G-Harmony Bachelor of the Week: Aaron Niles


Interview by AnnaMarie Houlis

Each week we will have an interview with a new cutie on the prowl! This week he’s got height, he’s fashionable, he’s optimistic, happy and makes the best of his time, he’s Aaron Niles!

Nickname: Haven’t heard a good one yet

Class Year: 2014

Major/Minor: IDS – Media and Cultural Studies

If you were an Easter egg, what color would you be? What kind of designs would you have? Why and what does it say about who you are?

I would be a blue egg with some sort of plaid pattern on it.  Blue is my favorite color and I pretty much only wear plaid.  I think it says that I am fashionable, but not trying too hard.

What kind of animal would be if you could transform whenever you wanted?

I would transform into a sea turtle because they live to be 150 and are always happy and carefree.

Tell us about your first ideal honeymoon destination.

My ideal honeymoon destination would be Bora Bora because it looks like a place from a fairytale.

What is your best physical attribute; non-physical attribute?

My best physical attribute is my height.  My best non-physical attribute is that I believe everything will always work out no matter what.

What is one thing that you might be better than anyone else in the world at doing?


What type of movie is better for cuddling? Romantic or Horror? Why?

Romantic movies are better for cuddling because scary movies make you anxious and clammy, and no one wants to cuddle with a sweaty person.

If your friends and you were the cast of Spongebob, which character would you be and why?

I would be Mermaid Man because I’ve always wanted super powers.


Aaron was asked to complete the following sentences…

I could never live without…Snickers.

In my spare time I like to…watch YouTube videos for hours.

WORD ASSOCIATION: Aaron received a series of words and was told to quickly respond with the first word that came to his mind upon hearing each word.

Popcorn: Movie theater

Shoe: Sperry

Pencil: Mechanical

Robot: Wall-E

Twitter: #FirstWorldProblems

Green: Environment

Boot: Ski

Stop: Sign

Curly: Hair

Key: Dorm

Why are you Gettysburg Great?

I am Gettysburg Great because I make the most of all of my time here.

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Author: AnnaMarie Houlis

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