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By Kerry Cunningham, Opinions Editor

I have done my fair amount of ranting this year. And as this is my last article I will ever write for The Gettysburgian I decided to continue with my ranting ways. Stick with what you know, right?

I have ranted about men being rude on campus, I have ranted about women’s issues in politics, I have even ranted about my friendships. Now I would like to rant about my fellow females.

Recently, what has been on my mind, frustrating me, are girls. They are not women because the way I have seen my fellow females acting recently is too immature for women.

For example the amount of fakeness I have witnessed makes my head spin. I understand its one thing to keep up with appearances, but there is no reason to be an outright b***h. There is no reason to be a Gretchen Weiners. I’m not insinuating you should be rude to every person you don’t like, but do not pretend as though you are BFF with someone you can’t stand. For my fellow seniors, it’s nice to talk to people you’ve met during your time at Gettysburg; you do not have to be close with everyone, nor should you want to be. Be cordial, be pleasant, don’t be fake, don’t be a liar. If you have no intention of meeting up with someone at the bars when you’re both home, do not suggest such an idea to someone. Also I know the saying goes: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Do not do this. If you think someone is worthy of being labeled your enemy, do not force friendship with them. They probably can pick up on the fact that you only want to be friends with them so that you can know what they are up to. Again, if you do not like someone for whatever reason, be civil, don’t be a rude, but don’t be fake best friends.

As already established, girls can be b***ches, but guys can be a**holes. Why is it better to hate the girl rather than the guy that has been stringing you along? Don’t get me wrong, definitely been there done that. My freshman year I liked a guy and every time I saw him dance or make-out with other girls, each girl instantly became my arch nemesis. In almost all of the situations I did not know the girl (and she did not know me) but I decided that she owed me something. She should be picking up on my telepathic messages to her to go find another guy; no that is crazy.  Specifically speaking to Gettysburg College, because this school is beyond small, you cannot possess every guy you have feelings for or have had feelings for in the past.

Recently I have been called an “ugly w***e” because I was merely talking to a male, a male who is a friend of mine. Sorry I’m not going to apologize for talking with my friend. Maybe it looked as though we were flirting, and even if we were, the girl that told her friend (in front of two of my best friends, mind you) had zero right to say anything like that about me. She did not know me, she did not know the situation and although she thought she was being a good friend (to the girl who was apparently upset by my conversation) she could not have used a more inappropriate, more immature way to deal with the issue. (And, girlfriend, if you’re going to hate on me at least attempt some creativity, calling me an ugly w***e is equivalent to trying to stab me with a plastic knife.) Also, if I’m blamed, why wasn’t the guy I was talking just as at fault? Girls so quickly put their man on a pedestal and are so much more willing to forgive and forget his mistakes.

As females, we’re supposed to on some level be there for one another or at least attempt to understand one another. I know for a fact that there are seriously crazy girls out there and I will not understand them at all, but that gives me no right to act as though I’m better than they are. So ladies, stop believing you’re better than others, stop being fake to one another, stop hating one another over petty problems, stop judging one another especially without any legitimate grounds to back up your judgments.

To all of my readers, thanks for putting up with me as opinions editor this year and thanks even more for putting up with my sassy articles this year: I had a little too much fun writing them. Enjoy summer vacation!

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Author: Jennifer Kiebach

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