Senate Begins New Year with Introductory Meeting

Photo credit: Gettysburg College

Photo credit: Gettysburg College

By Miranda Feeley, Staff Writer

The first Student Senate meeting of the academic year passed without incident Monday evening.

The board for this year introduced themselves: President Luke Frigon, Vice President Aimee Bosman, Treasurer Sarah Berkowitz, Secretary Kaitlyn Helmstetter and Parliamentarian Pat McKenna. Club Liaison Jackie Crowley was introduced in absentia by Frigon.

Berkowitz announced that she is working with the Budget Management Committee to improve budgeting policies, with strong backing from Frigon, who declared that he was tired of Senate meetings consisting of “40 minutes of sitting and listening to budget requests” and would like the Senate to be an activist and issue-driven body.

No further information was provided on the budgetary changes.

Caitlin Lindsay from the Office of Student Activities and Greek Life gave a presentation on resources available to club boards for registry with OSAGL and the Senate.

The Classics Club and Phoenix Rising, a support group for students who need academic accommodations, are both currently waiting on Senate approval to obtain funding.

All students wishing to represent their class in the Senate must submit their petitions by Friday September 8th by slipping under the door to the Senate Office. Elections this year will take place from September 11th-13th. Any students wishing to chair a Senate Committee must email their application, resume, and cover letter to Aimee Bosman by 11:59 p.m. on September 13.

Chair positions are available for the Academic Affairs, Career Liaison, College Life Advisory Committee, Diversity, Information Technology, Public Relations and Programming, Student Safety and Regulations, Senate Opinions, and Sustainability committees.

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Author: Miranda Feeley

Miranda Feeley '21 is an English Major from Highland Mills, NY, who enjoys writing, painting, and watching Star Trek. On-campus, she is involved with The Gettysburgian, as well as Outerspace and Hillel. She also enjoys shopping for pens, and always wants to meet new people. She can be found on twitter @alt_apostrophe.

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