Dining Services Announces New Meal Plans

By Sophie Lange, News Editor

On Monday, Dining Services announced that the meal plans will be changing for the Fall 2024 semester. In working with the College Life Advisory Committee (CLAC), Dining Services heard a range of comments, with four main concerns:

  • The meals available at the Bullet Hole are too complicated.
  • Students often did not want to order full meals from the Bullet Hole.
  • Students wanted the option to get take-out meals from Servo.
  • Students sought more flexibility in the meal plans to allow them to eat at different locations during the semester.

Changes to the new meal plans include the addition of take-out from Servo, the elimination of meal swipes at Bullet Hole, increasing Dining Dollars and the installation of a FOOD HUB, a 24-hour refrigerated food system that will be stocked with a range of food and beverages.

Students on these proposed meal plans will also receive a 15% discount at Servo and a 10% discount at Bullet Hole, but those without one of these meal plans will pay full price. Dining Services also extended the deadline to change meal plans until the final drop/add date for classes each semester. Every proposed meal plan included the choice of dine-in or carry-out from Servo and up to three carry-out meals from Servo per day.

In the email, Dining Services also released a two-question survey for students to complete to “gather input in our consideration of keeping the current plan or moving forward with this proposed new meal plan.”

Today, Dining Services sent a second email following the receival of feedback through this survey.

“We’ve carefully considered your feedback from our recent survey on meal plans, and we’re pleased to announce some exciting updates,” the email read.

According to Dining Services, they will be offering meal plans that include the option to use meal swipes at Bullet Hole, and they will still offer the new plans proposed on Monday.

The meal plans for the 2024-25 Academic Year are as follows:

  • Unlimited Servo Use
    • Unlimited access to Servo during dining hours and a lite fare meal at GEX
    • No meal swipes at Bullet Hole
    • 150 Dining Dollars per semester
    • Six bonus meals per semester
    • First years must maintain this plan for the duration of their first academic year.
  • Servo+ 20
    • 20 meal swipes per week for use at Servo/GEX or Bullet Hole
    • 175 Dining Dollars
    • Six bonus meals per semester
  • Servo 16
    • 16 meal swipes per week for Servo/GEX
    • No meal swipes at Bullet Hole
    • 900 Dining Dollars per semester
    • Six bonus meals per semester
  • Traditional 12
    • 12 meal swipes for use at Servo/GEX or Bullet Hole
    • 250 Dining Dollars per semester
    • Three bonus meals per semester
  • Orange & Blue 10
    • 10 meals per week from Servo/GEX
    • 1,000 Dining Dollars per semester
    • Three bonus meals per semester
  • Apartment 7
    • Seven meals per week from Servo/GEX or Bullet Hole
    • No Dining Dollars
    • One bonus meal per semester
    • This meal plan is only available to students living in housing that does not require a meal plan and commuters.

The most recent email did not include whether the option of take-out from Servo will be implemented, but they did say that the new meal plans will still include discounts at dining locations across campus.

Dining Services also acknowledged the congestion in Servo and said they would be relocating large groups to the Atrium when possible, as well as implementing other measures to improve services and reduce wait times.

In Fall 2024, Dining Services is set to release more updates, including a new app that will allow students to build a meal from the daily menu and receive nutritional information, as well as the ability to identify and avoid allergens present in certain items.

The email closed by Dining Services telling students to “stay tuned for more exciting developments in Dining Services.”

Author: Sophie Lange

Sophie Lange is the News Editor for The Gettysburgian. Previously, she served as a Staff Writer for the News section. Sophie is an Environmental Studies, Spanish and Public Policy triple major from northern Maryland. On campus, she is a research assistant for the Environmental Studies Department and a member of the Interfaith Council. In her free time, Sophie enjoys spending time outdoors and writing.

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