Y/N: Are cell phones destroying our lives? Definitely yes

Photo courtesy of mypenmyvoice.com

Photo courtesy of mypenmyvoice.com

By Dean DeLucia, Staff Writer

We live in a world where cell phones control our lives. Cell phones have become more than devices that help us communicate. The cell phone has features that allow you to talk, text, email, take pictures, play games and so much more.

Fortunately enough for us, this makes our lives so much easier, allowing us to do all the things we could never imagine doing on one small device.

Unfortunately, these cell phones are targeting the wrong people: our youth.

These addicting devices are affecting kids and teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18. Through this addiction in which they constantly need their cell phones, they are becoming worse at socializing with others and not living in the moment.

Although this creation has benefited the older generations, it is ruining our future based on the effect it is having on our younger generations.

With almost every person owning a cell phone, the desire to have one increases. Kids around the age of 12 are beginning to be seen with the device. Is this really necessary?

If they want to talk to someone they can do that at recess. If they want to play a game they can use their imaginations.

The problem is that the cell phone is becoming too time consuming, and it is taking away from our youths’ childhoods. They should not be worried about how many likes they received on an Instagram post or who “snapchatted” them back. Instead, they should be playing basketball at recess or studying for their spelling quiz.

Not only are children being distracted by these devices, but the lives of high school students have been effected as well. Today, whoever gets the most likes is the most popular, whenever someone is in an awkward situation they look down at their phones or whenever someone has nothing to say they act as if they are busy talking to someone else.

This crazy addiction and constant use of the smartphone has many negative effects. One of the negative effects is that it has increasingly taken away from the way we interact with others. Every day we are forced to interact with other people, but almost every hour we are checking our phones 20-25 times in order to see if someone else has reached out to us, or to see how many likes we got on our Instagram post.

Each time you are out to dinner or just spending quality time with people you care about you should be able to put down the cell phone and live in that moment, not only because it is the respectful thing to do, but if you truly love and care about someone you should want to enjoy every minute possible with that person; you never know when the time you share together will come to an end.

We are not living in the present. Instead we are focusing on how popular we are and what other people are doing.

Caring about what others are doing and not living in the “now” has more frequently brought up the question, “Where did the time go?”

The answer to that question is, “You wasted it!” The time spent looking down at a mini screen could have been used to create memories with friends and family, exercising or even doing some work.

Use the majority of your time as a way to experience new things, laugh, learn and be happy rather than sit around giving away minutes of your life to a piece of technology.

At this point in time we cannot get rid of this device because it is evolving. What we can do is continue to teach younger children that there is more to life than a cell phone. We can show how it is harmful and changing our lives for the worse.

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