Gettysburg College celebrates Thanksgiving

Gettysburg College students waited outside, some for more than an hour, to experience Gettysburg’s Thanksgiving Dinner. At its longest, the line stretched past the fountain outside of Masters Hall. (Photo courtesy of Brendan Raleigh.)

By Brendan Raleigh, News Editor

Gettysburg College students lined up from Lincoln Avenue all the way back to the water fountain near Plank Gym in order to join in on Servo’s Thanksgiving Dinner on Tuesday, Nov. 11.

The celebration, which took place 16 days in advance of the actual holiday, gave students the chance to experience the spirit of Thanksgiving before they return home to celebrate with their families on Nov. 25.

With some students arriving as early as 3:00 p.m. to get into the dining hall early, the doors to Servo were opened at 4:30 p.m.

Compared to the frigid temperatures of last year’s Thanksgiving celebration, those waiting in line were able to sit through relatively warm weather.

To pass the time until the dining hall opened, however, many students brought lawn chairs, music and games, such as the popular card game, Cards Against Humanity.

Due to the immense length of the line, dining center employees let in only groups of twelve students at a time in order to fill all of the tables and seats, as well as serve the most students simultaneously.

Some groups toward the front of the line were unable to enter immediately due to this fact, and were thus forced to wait until many of the larger groups had left.

As per tradition, the students were served by their professors and the Gettysburg College staff.

College president Janet Morgan Riggs was among the servers, donning an orange apron and getting to witness the school come together into one community.

The meals served to the students consisted of a roasted turkey, bowls of cranberry sauce, corn, whipped potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread rolls, and gravy. They were also given the beverage choices of water, iced tea, and lemonade.

Once students were served, one member of the group had the honor of carving the turkey and dividing it up among the others. After everyone had finished the main meal, servers carried out small, plastic plates in order to begin serving pumpkin pies for dessert.

Due to the sheer number of students, the entire dining hall was full. From the front door to the corners of specialty dining, every available space for a table and chairs was utilized.

Students were also encouraged to bring canned goods to the dinner to contribute to the college’s “Turkeypalooza,” an annual Thanksgiving basket drive aimed at bringing the holiday to those who are usually unable to afford it.

The basket donation and monetary donation deadline for this drive is Friday, Nov. 21. The Gettysburg College Thanksgiving Dinner is a long-held tradition on campus, and is one that many students hear about during their first tours of the school due to its immense popularity.

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Author: Isabel Gibson Penrose

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