Opinion: Student Senate on Establishing Reasonable Grading Practices

Framework and Basis

The below opinion (S/RES/2401) was amended and approved by the Student Senate during its weekly meeting on February 12, 2024.

The opinion was drafted by the Student Senate Opinions Committee during the week of February 4, 2024. The Committee found that, in general

  1. Students are dissatisfied by the current system of grade posting and the timeliness of grade returns.
  2. There exists inconsistencies in how professors distribute grades, both in timeline and way of dissemination.
  3. The current system is detrimental to the pursuit of academic success and impedes a students ability to achieve success.

The Committee constructed common-sense recommendations that considered both the needs of the students and of faculty members. What the opinion advocates for is an individualized, professor-centric model that enables the clear communication of expectations between professors and students. The Committee was not concerned with the implementation of new College-wide expectations, but merely the establishment of open communication between professors and students.

The Student Senate General Body approved the Opinion, as amended, by a vote of 16-6.

We find this Opinion to be a first step in a conversation and in a progressive betterment of the student experience and student-faculty relationship. We look forward to working with the Administration to achieve these ends.

Best Regards,

Dominic DiLuzio ‘26
Chairman, GCSS Opinions Committee

S/RES/2401 (February 2024)

Resolution 24-01: Establishing Reasonable Grading Practices

Adopted by the 2024 Student Senate at its 3rd Meeting, February 12, 2024.

The Students,

Affirming the concerns of the Gettysburg College Student Body,

Dismayed by institutional negligence in promptly and conveniently returning grades to students,

Alarmed by College-wide inconsistency in if and where grades are posted,

Reinforcing our collective desire to pursue academic success,

Emphasizing the importance of timely, accessible, and accurate grades in understanding one’s academic standing,

Acknowledging realistic time constraints on professors,

Do Hereby Urge for:

  1. Consistent and competent utilization of a chosen grading system;
    1. Immediately accessible to students at any given time,
    2. Accurate and updated regularly throughout the duration of a semester;
    3. Clearly stated departmental expectations of faculty members.
  2. Grading standards and expectations included in syllabi;
    1. Individualized for professor needs;
    2. Clear statement of what students should expect with regard to grades;
      1. Allows for mutual understanding between students and faculty.
  3.  Good faith effort by professors to return grades within 10 days.

Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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