Fashion Initiative: A Community to Express Creativity

By Laurel Bennett, Features Editor

The Gettysburg College Fashion Initiative is a new organization that will be fostering an inclusive and creative community on campus.

President of Fashion Initiative Dan Nguyen ’26 spearheaded the formation of the organization. Nguyen came to Gettysburg College in the spring semester rather than in the fall for his first semester, and he observed how there were already-established organizations and friend groups. He always had a great interest in fashion, and consequently, he wanted to fill a void on campus with regard to there not being a fashion club.

Nguyen further explained his interest in starting the Fashion Initiative: “I want to promote self-expression so that people can be comfortable in their own skin to express themselves.” 

He added that many people might not know how to dress well or where to find good clothing, or they could be scared to express themselves. 

One of the co-editors for Fashion Initiative Oumye Toure ’27 noted the need for a fashion club on campus as a way to develop inclusivity and expression.

“I have had a couple of conversations with people about how they’re not really comfortable expressing themselves with fashion, and I think it’s really sad to know that so many people feel that way, especially because they’re in college,” Toure said. “You should feel free to be yourself in whatever way is healthy.”

A central component of the Fashion Initiative is sustainability, such as upcycling. 

Toure elaborated, “I think it’s really good that we have a strong focus on sustainable fashion. If you have clothes you don’t wear, why not do something with them? If you have clothes you don’t wear, give them to somebody who would.”

The Fashion Initiative’s executive board consists of fourteen members, bringing a lot of diversity across class years and genders. This allows the organization to branch out in many different directions according to members’ interests. 

The club held its first general interest meeting on Thursday, Feb. 22. At this meeting, the Fashion Initiative held a collaging activity where members could make a collage centered around their personal style. Moving forward, the Fashion Initiative is striving to host biweekly events rather than traditional meetings.

Vice President of Fashion Initiative Maya Viscardi ’27 runs her own small jewelry business and is organizing the first event, which will be jewelry-making. By receiving money through the Student Senate, the Fashion Initiative hopes that all interested students will be able to make a bracelet or necklace for free. The second planned event for the semester will be centered around patches that can be stuck onto clothes. 

Currently, the Fashion Initiative is working with the Gettysburg African Student Association to organize a fashion show that will be held in the middle of April. Nguyen hopes that the fashion show will showcase clothing from local designers and businesses in the Gettysburg area.

“Promoting local designs is a really good way to get into fashion and for people to familiarize themselves with the fashion scene in Gettysburg,” Nguyen added.

Additionally, another component of the Fashion Initiative is going to be theme days, in which it will be a challenge for members to dress up once a week according to a certain theme.

“It’s a great way to challenge people’s creativity,” Nguyen said. “On Fridays, the theme will be all black, 80s, 90s, or Y2K, for example.”

Moving forward, the Fashion Initiative will have articles written by members featured in the Arts & Entertainment section of The Gettysburgian’s website. For example, members Malachi Briscoe ’26 and Viscardi are planning to write about how Tyler the Creator influences them and their perceptions of fashion, with a specific focus on how he incorporates femininity in his style. Other article topics will include basic staples everyone should have in their closet, the importance of sustainable fashion, and the influences parents have had on members’ fashion choices. 

Students looking to join a diverse, inclusive group with an interest in fashion should consider attending the Fashion Initiative’s events and becoming involved with the organization. The Fashion Initiative can be followed on Instagram @gcfashionin.

Members of the Fashion Initiative. (Photo Provided)

Members of the Fashion Initiative. (Photo Provided)

Author: Laurel Bennett

Laurel Bennett ‘24 is the Features Editor for The Gettysburgian. She previously worked as a staff writer for the news and features sections. Laurel is a political science major and an English minor from Carlisle, PA. Outside of The Gettysburgian, she is a member of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, serves as co-president of Pre-Law club, and is an avid horse-back rider.

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