Junior Spotlight: Ana Maria Griffin Morimoto

By Leah Nath, Staff Writer

Music performance major Ani Griffin Morimoto ’25 performed her senior recital on Nov. 17 in Paul Recital Hall. She was accompanied for her set by Sunderman Conservatory of Music adjunct instructor Kevin Gorman on piano.

Her recital program opened with a heartfelt message, reading, “I would like to thank my family for the strength of their love and the brightness of their spirit. I would like to thank my professors Dr. Hochmiller, Dr. Fahnestock, and Dr. Crowne for allowing me to fall in love with my music and reminding me that I sing because I love it.” 

On working with Griffin Morimoto, assistant professor of the Sunderman Conservatory of Music Jeffrey Fahnestock said, “It is a pleasure to have her on campus and to get to see her growth. She shows a lot of potential.”

Music Performance Major Ani Griffin Morimoto ’25 (Photo Courtesy of Ani Griffin Morimoto)

Music Performance Major Ani Griffin Morimoto ’25 (Photo Courtesy of Ani Griffin Morimoto)

Griffin Morimoto’s recital consisted of nine songs by nine different composers. Three songs were performed in German, French and English, showing Griffin Morimoto’s impressive mastery of various languages. 

Griffin Morimoto held herself on stage with all of the grace, presence and professionalism of a lifetime career performer. Each note was hit with the precision of countless hours of rehearsal. Griffin Morimoto said “…the rehearsal process was so cool and ultimately rewarding. I truly poured my heart into perfecting every piece and making sure that my intent came across.” 

With rich tone and emotions deeply and proudly worn on her face, Griffin Morimoto imbued the music with overflowing life and narrative. Her impeccable use of dynamic changes, tempo and range shifts and facial expressions ensured that her songs were an unforgettable experience to feel and share with her. 

“My recital selection is definitely a representation of me, there were a lot of sad pieces but also a lot of love and hope,” Griffin Morimoto said.

Griffin Morimoto mentioned that her favorite song in the recital is “The Silver Swan,” and she explained that the song “tells you that swans only sing right before they are about to die, which is pretty cool but also terribly sad.” 

Griffin Morimoto has performed in the Sunderman Conservatory’s choirs all three years that she has attended Gettysburg College. 

Current pianist for the College Choir and Sunderman Conservatory of Music Professor Jocelyn Swigger commented, “Ani is a beautiful artist and it is a pleasure to hear her sing.” 

Another fellow College Choir singer, Syd Topoleski ’27, said, “Ani gave a captivating performance. It is always so lovely to see her perform.”

When asked how she first became involved in music, Griffin Morimoto explained, “My parents were really poor and I used to sing to get us food, which resulted in me being brought to orphanages, but that’s also how my adoptive parents found me.”

Music clearly means a lot to Griffin Morimoto, both with her singing origin and consistent dedication to the Conservatory’s choirs, operas and extracurricular performances. This devotion comes through clearly and beautifully in her singing. Griffin Morimoto transformed Schmucker Hall’s small recital hall into an amphitheater and showed that she will be a performer to look for in the future.

Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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