Counseling and Wellness Services Switches to More Individually Customized Scheduling

By Laken Franchetti, News Editor

Counseling and Wellness Services made changes to their care model for students. Instead of having students visit the center every two weeks for appointments, the care model now takes a more customized approach.

Executive Director of Counseling and Wellness Krista Dhruv believes this new model will better fit students’ needs.

“Historically, Counseling Services typically provided students with therapy appointments every two weeks for as long as the student wanted,” Dhruv said. “We have moved to a more customized approach to care where we are spending more time up front with our students understanding why they are coming in, what they hope to get out of their treatment and then we create a customized treatment plan and goals in partnership with the student.”

Over winter break, the staff at Counseling and Wellness Services reflected on their past care model and how their services function within the college. They found that a more individualized approach to care for students was needed.

Dhruv highlighted three reasons for the care model’s change. First, the staff recognized how one size does not fit all.

“Some students need short term weekly therapy for an acute issue, some students need to be connected to specialized services we can’t provide and others need monitoring and less intensive support,” Dhruv said.

Second, the change increases accessibility for all students. With the previous care model, students who went to Counseling and Wellness Services earlier in the semester were automatically placed into the biweekly model. While these students received care, other students with newly emerging issues would have to wait longer for an opening. The new care model provides easier access.

“Currently we have scheduled counseling and consultation appointments available within 1-2 days, depending on the individual student’s schedule & any other stipulations,” said Dhruv. “At times it can take up to a week to schedule a student depending on how busy their schedule is.”

The third reason for the care model’s change was to promote student agency. Counseling and Wellness Services are considered to be supportive partners in a student’s process to manage their health and wellbeing.

Staff Clinician Emily Leitzel hopes that the change to a more flexible and adjustable schedule will benefit students and provide greater accessibility to Counseling and Wellness Services.

“Best fit, including frequency of counseling appointments, may vary from person to person, as it does in other mental health settings, based on current clinical need and medical necessity,” said Leitzel. “In making these changes toward flexibility, we’re hopeful that more students will be able to access counseling, receive the type of support they need, and apply what they’ve gained to better cope with life’s challenges.”

While students can be placed into an individualized care model, walk-ins are also acceptable. Counseling and Wellness Services have daily walk-in hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. These appointments are for urgent needs, last 30 minutes and are typically solution focused.

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Author: Laken Franchetti

Laken Franchetti ’24 serves as the Editor-in-Chief for The Gettysburgian. She has previously served as News Editor, Assistant News Editor and as a staff writer for the news and arts and entertainment sections. Laken is an English with a writing concentration and history double major. On-campus, she is the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus, the Nonfiction Genre Head for The Mercury and a user services assistant at Musselman Library. Laken is also a Lincoln scholar and spent the Fall ’22 semester abroad in London and Lancaster, England. In her free time, Laken is an avid film fan and enjoys reading.

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