Crossword, Apr. 2022 Issue

Made By Carter Hanson


1. Ultimate assessment

10. Gov. dept. headed by Tom Vilsack since Feb. 2021

14. Cheat on a crossword

16. “The __ __ near!”

17. Characters whos stare brings love and good cheer

19. When doubled and paired with “O,” forms the chorus of “Old MacDonald”

20. Musical named for the early 20th century genre it depicts

21. Homophone of 52 down

22. Vessel in which 32 across is a nuisance

24. Egyptian Lord of the Underworld

27. Yellowstone state, abbreviated

28. “Sounds good!”

30. 6 point-winning throw in Football, abbreviated

31. Lucy of “Kill Bill” and “Charlie’s Angels” fame

32. Inert paddle

34. Ibsen, Norwegian playwright, who wrote “Peer Gynt” and “A Doll’s House”

36. Mi __ es su __

40. Comedian Smirnoff

41. Forced ajar

44. _ _ Chang’s

45. Quench

47. Lost one’s balance

48. Roosevelt who was the first chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights

50. Gold-producing pseudoscience

51. “Swaziland” since 2018

53. Satisfy 37 Down 54. “__ boy!”

55. Mario character with a mushroom head

56. City to find a 26 down

59. Busy insect

60. Serpentine monster beheaded by Perseus

62. State with a 59 across on its flag

63. Markey (D-MA)

64. Zora Neale _____, author of the Harlem Renaissance

65. Japanese video game company that released “Sonic the Hedgehog”


1.On _____; stylish

2. Ancient region which hosted the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, one of the seven wonders of the world

3. Agree, non-verbally

4. Legendary Japanese filmmaker of “Seven Samurai” and “Rashomon”

5. Capital of Zambia

6. Recording between an LP and a single

7. Precision hobby knife

8. Mitchell who wrote “Hadestown”

9. British toast spread

10. Port for a flash drive, briefly

11. Nation of Greta Thunberg and Ingrid Bergman, briefly

12. Anne Ehrlich, for Gettysburg

13. Missiles in a quiver

15. Slothful, worthless person

18. Pig pen

23. To take something quickly and secretly, slangily

25. Hoppy, light-colored beer, briefly

26. Maternal casket?

29. Yak’s counterpart, online

31. Gave a pamphlet to

33. London’s airport, abbreviated

34. Publicity or promotion

35. The name of Donald Trump’s wife of 15 years, or the real name of his daughter

37. What’s possessed by someone who’s hungry, with “an”

38. Appear to be

39. Samberg of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

41. Components of ellipses

42. Mother’s response: “Because ____!”

43. Cut onions

46. Wobble

49. East, of Spain

52. Suffix with “Argo-” and “Cosmo-”

54. Person with a Bullet grill named for their faves

57. Counterpart to “zig”

58. “Eureka!”

60. Greek letter after “lambda”

61. “Inconvenient Truth” article

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Author: Carter Hanson

Carter Hanson '23 is the Magazine Editor of The Gettysburgian. He has previously worked as Opinions Editor, Investigative Reporter and Staff Writer. He is a political science and philosophy major from Boulder, Colorado. Beyond the Gettysburgian, he serves as the Treasurer of Gettysburg College Democrats and is a member of the Four Scores A Capella group. When not in class or busy with one of his many extracurriculars, he enjoys crushing the competition in Wordle, reading sci-fi parables of political theory and skiing down the steepest mountains he can find.

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