Senate Elections for 2022–23: Statements of Pupose

Compiled by Phoebe Doscher, Editor-in-Chief

Elections are underway for the 2022–23 Student Senate class officers, senators, and executive board. Voting for these positions began today and noon and runs through Friday, April 22 at noon. Students from each class year can vote using the following links: Class of 2022, Class of 2023, Class of 2024, and Class of 2025.

The candidates’ statements of purpose are as follows:

Senate Executive Board:

Allie Acero (Inclusion Officer)

It is not a secret that Gettysburg College is a majority white school, but as the college’s URM percentage rises, it is important for Student Senate to have a representative for minorities to make sure their thoughts are heard. I am interested in becoming the next Inclusion Officer for the Student Senate because it would allow me to continue my passion of creating a more open, safer space for minorities.

When I was in high school, I found it difficult to find support within my community because I was unable to relate my experiences to my white peers. If my younger self had an administrator, a teacher, or even more colleagues in my class that had a similar identity to me, I would have felt more represented. As a queer woman of color, an immigrant, and a first generation student, I am able to recognize exclusivity and bigotry within our community that would discourage minority groups from voicing their opinions.

So far in my college career, I was voted into in multiple leadership positions that allowed me to challenge historically white institutions and represent minority groups within campus. While serving as Education Director for Sigma Sigma Sigma, I informed my fellow sorority members about the problematic nature of Greek Life and ways to create a more inclusive space for LGBTQ+ and minority students throughout the recruitment process. After receiving my position of group affinity leader, I was able to join senate’s inclusion committee, where I work closely with the current Inclusion Officer, the diversity committee, and Greek Life representatives to critique and better senate procedures, administration, and bring speakers to inform the campus’ leaders in creating a more inclusive environment for minority students and differing opinions.

Inclusion Officer would be a great opportunity for me to continue creating a community where minority students feel represented and heard.

Class of 2023:

Tom Cassara – President and Fall 2022 Senator

President – I have served the class of 2023 faithfully over the past few years, and although I was unable to fulfill that role during sophomore year, I came back this year ready to take on the challenges ahead and represent the class in an effective way. Although Covid marred much of our Junior year, I am hopeful that our Senior Year has the potential to be far better.

Coming into next year we need to hit the ground running. I want fun events for the class, but to do that we need to fundraise. My major fundraising plan is a Tricky Tray. For those unfamiliar it is a combination of a raffle and auction system where participants buy tickets to increase their chances of selection, winner takes home the prize. We would request baskets from town businesses for the event and open the event to the community at large to increase participation in the fundraiser. In terms of events planned next year of course there is the standing traditions to fund such as the spring wine tasting, but also fresh new ideas like a casino night and maybe a water balloon war.

Twice now I have asked you to put your faith in me, and twice you have said yes. I will not let you down, I believe my track record reflects that. Let’s make our senior year unforgettable. Have a great rest of your semester everyone, and remember to vote Tom Cassara for Class President.

Senator – I have served the class of 2023 faithfully in my role as senator twice now. My first year at the college I served on three Senate subcommittees: CLAC, Opinions, and Policy. This year I continued my work in Opinions as the cochair and was able to pass valuable Opinions on a number of issues including the off-campus housing issues, environmental policy, dining concerns, and more.

Next year my major focus is restoring the student body’s faith in the Student Senate. Many do not see us as the shining example of representation we aspire to be. If reelected, I would focus my efforts on repairing your faith in us. Part of this means focusing on student perspectives on serious issues on campus, like the labor shortages in dining and the loss of off campus housing. Many students, myself included, worry what these mean for the future of the campus. I promise to dedicate myself to continuing the fight for students on these issues next year.

With the current state of affairs we need strong leadership well versed in Student Senate affairs who values the community. I love Senate, let me make sure our class is able to leave it, and the campus at large, better than we found it. Vote Tom Cassara for Student Senate Rep.

Autumn Chassie '23 (Photo provided)

Autumn Chassie ’23 (Photo provided)

Autumn Chassie – President

I, Autumn Chassie, would be honored to serve as the President of the Class of 2023 for the 2022-2023 academic year. I am deeply committed to and involved with the Gettysburg community and our class as I have served as the Class of 2023 Secretary for our sophomore year, and the Vice President this past academic year. As for my other involvement, I am a Resident Assistant, heavily involved with the Eisenhower Institute, a worker at the CUB Information Desk, and I am also a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi women’s fraternity. As it can be seen from my involvement, I am committed to our Gettysburg College community and the well-being of our class.

As the President for the Class of 2023, I want to promote unity and inclusion among our class and serve as a responsible, welcoming resource to my peers. I believe I can represent our class well using my connections and engagement with the campus community. I would like to use this opportunity as Class President to provide you all with a fulfilling final year at Gettysburg College. As a member of this past academic year’s executive board, I am aware of the shortcomings of our current leadership and intend to strengthen our class year’s presence and enjoyment at Gettysburg College.

RJ Lehal '23 (Photo provided)

RJ Lehal ’23 (Photo provided)

RJ Lehal – President

During my time here, I have been amazed by the students I have met. There are some real bright stars and people with golden hearts in the class of 2023. I have come to see the students of the class of 2023 as not just peers but also friends. When COVID hit in March of 2020, we all worried about the future of our time at Gettysburg. We all hoped for a return to normalcy when we returned in Fall 2020, only to see the campus de-densify. We had a semi-normal year with the Fall of 2021 and Spring of 2022. But what of next year? I hope to ensure that our last year at Gettysburg is similar to Spring 2019. Where everything was normal and where the Senior class could enjoy their final year on campus.

As your Class President, I will work to ensure that you do not have to worry about how the last full year of campus turns out. Instead, you will have to focus on enjoying it. Our four years here have been anything but ordinary. I wholeheartedly believe that we deserve a stable and prosperous final year. I possess a wide range of leadership experience. I have founded and led the Gettysburg College Headquarters, the Alexander Hamilton Society, and the Dog Society. I have worked with Special Collections to create an Oral History project focused on connecting with International Students. And I have two more organizations in the works right now. What I hope you get from this is that not only am I qualified to lead as Class President, but that my intentions are pure. I have done all of this to ensure no one on campus feels isolated. To make sure that students know that they belong here and are not alone. I hope you trust me and vote to elect me as President for the class of 2023. Thank you, and have a good day.

EJ Gill – Vice President and All Year Senator

My name is EJ Gill and I have been a member of Student Senate for 2 years. It is my hope that I can continue to work with the Student Body, Senate, and the Gettysburg Administration to make positive changes in the campus community. Additionally, I strongly believe that students need to be more involved in the decision-making processes on campus. Lack of transparency from administrators has been a problem since my first-year at the college; however, I believe that the issue of transparency has gotten better. The administration still has a long way to go.

My experience as a Senator, Affinity Group Leader, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, and Sigma Nu President has allowed me to gain the skills needed to be an active voice and an advocate for student concerns. If elected, I will do my best to fight for change in the issues that are most important to the overall student body.

Nick Silvis '23 (Photo provided)

Nick Silvis ’23 (Photo provided)

Nick Silvis – Secretary and All Year Senator

I am running for Class Secretary and Senator because I want to help better the Gettysburg experience. Over the past three years, I have had the pleasure of working and alongside exceptionally talented, creative, and caring individuals. Gettysburg College has a plethora of opportunities and resources for its students, in part provided by the Class Officers and Senate in conjunction with student led groups.

This past fall I was elected as a Co-chair of the Public Policy Student Council and became more interested in the events that transpire in Senate and that of the class officers. Among other things, I helped create and codify our constitution, bring in new members, create a speaker series, and solidify the club on campus. Through the process of doing so, I better honed my negotiation and management skills.

I have served as the Senate Representative for the Peace and Justice Student Council, as the Academic Affinity Group Leader and, for the past semester, have been one of the class of 2023 senators in Student Senate. As I have gotten more involved in Senate, I’ve become more attuned to the issues inherent in the functions of Senate and its representation on campus. Being an Affinity Leader in particular has opened my eyes to the issue of club representation in Senate and their lack of a voice. They deserve to be heard and have a place in Senate and institutional reform needs to take place.

As Class Secretary or Senator, I would work to foster community by more effectively encouraging cross-disciplinary events and trying to increase transparency. The issue of inclusion has recently received a lot of attention, and making meaningful improvements will not be simple or quick. However, we can and should get a better handle on the problem and best practices by getting more data about how students view existing policies and adjusting resources accordingly. Working with the Inclusion Committee the past two semesters has awoken a desire to continue advocating for students. The adage that “student senate works for you” is partially true but Senate needs to do more to represent those voices that are currently lacking. We need more voices and opinions in Senate. I would like to hold office hours or additional forums for student concerns so that Senate can adequately address the issues surrounding campus.

I am seeking election to improve both myself and my community. There are inherent flaws in Senate and the Class Office that need to be addressed, and I will not rest until a solution has been found. I am a pragmatist, a team player, an excellent listener, and really care about the campus community. I would be honored to serve as the Secretary or Senator for the Class of 2023.

Anna Benson – All Year Senator

As a driven and involved member of the Gettysburg College community with three years of experience serving as a senator for the class of 2023, it would be an honor to serve my class as a senator for our final year. I am a friendly and approachable presence on campus who always makes myself available to listen to the concerns of the student body. I am involved with many different organizations on campus which allows me to hear the perspectives of a variety of students. I am a program coordinator and volunteer with the Center for Public Service, a member of the Eisenhower Institute, and on the executive board for Alpha Delta Pi. I make an effort to attend club events and performances for organizations of all affinity groups as well to show my support for the campus community and once again make myself available to hear the needs of all students. I have served as a class senator for the past 3 years and have experience as a member of the College Life and Advisory Committee, Budget Management Committee, and Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I understand how our student government operates and am aware of both the strengths and weaknesses of our senate. If elected to serve as a senator for a fourth term, I am dedicated to continuing to increase the transparency and availability of the senate to the student body.

Carter Zamora '23 (Photo provided)

Carter Zamora ’23 (Photo provided)

Carter Zamora – All Year Senator

Hello, my name is Carter Zamora. I am a biology major here at Gettysburg, and I am interested in applying for the junior senator position. I am involved in several political organizations on campus, and I am the Vice President of Alpha Chi Rho. In my time as vice president, I have learned to delegate responsibilities as needed, as well as taking on some of those responsibilities myself. In addition, my tenure has taught me more about managing requests from several people, as well taking a logistical approach to issues that may come my way. I have also learned to consider many different opinions and make decisions based on how much they will help a community rather than how strongly I feel about the matter. I also worked as the chair of career affairs for Alpha Chi Rho last semester, which helped me develop networking skills and organize events for the brothers to get in touch with our chapter’s alumni.

I have also worked as a senator for the Class of 2023 this past semester, and I am interested in reapplying to be a class senator because I want to continue to make a difference at Gettysburg. I have heard about many issues and complaints that students have about their college experiences from students themselves and through the student senate, and I want to help improve those issues as much as I can. I would also like to help fix a disconnect between the general student body and some of the administration that has been made more apparent in the past few months to the best of my ability. I also saw my sister work as the College Life Advisory Committee chair for all last year when many students were not on campus due to COVID-19 restrictions. She met with the Dean of Students and the committee weekly, and she received many different student opinions and submitted them to the College on a regular basis. The work she did with the committee is a motivating factor in my application because it has shown me the impact Student Senate has in portraying student opinions to the administration.

Class of 2024

Evelyn Datte (Fall 2022 Senator and President) and Jack Comegno (President) – joint ticket

Evelyn Datte '24 (Photo provided)

Evelyn Datte ’24 (Photo provided)

Evelyn Datte: I wish to serve as both Class President and Senator of the Class of 2024 to continue to work on behalf of our class and embrace the importance of advocating on behalf of issues that matter to all students. I have served as Secretary of Student Senate this past year and understand the issues that not only our class is facing but the campus as a whole. I believe I am uniquely postured to create positive change as I have been able to observe various issues this past year and I am now ready to help lead initiates to fix those issues. I am excited to announce my campaign along with my running mate Jack Comegno. I am intending to serve for the fall semester and while I will be studying globally in the spring Jack will be serving as president. We have served alongside each other in other leadership positions previously and did so cohesively because of our goal-oriented and driven nature. We intend to explore clearer communication on issues concerning off campus housing, work for an increase of funds for student activities, and an increase in hearing student voices. I will work to impact our class and school community in realistic, positive ways to create our ideal Gettysburg College experience.

Jack Comegno '24 (Photo provided)

Jack Comegno ’24 (Photo provided)

Jack Comegno: It has been my privilege to serve as your president during the past two years. I listened to you and advocated for what was important to our class – staying on campus during our first semester during the most difficult COVID19 days, preserving traditions like our class walk, and starting new ones like our picnic. I continue to meet monthly with administrators and faculty to address our concerns. Our presence is felt strongly on campus. We have a voice.

I am excited to announce my campaign with my running mate, Evelyn Datte. Evelyn will serve our class in the fall while I am studying abroad, and I will take things back over for the spring semester. Evelyn and I will together have a successful presidency because of our like-minded and strategic leadership abilities. We both value the importance of student voice. We know that advocacy for the Class of 2024 has benefitted and enhanced our experiences.

I’ve shared before that I wanted to serve as Class President because I enjoy helping people. I think my best trait is being approachable. Getting to know each of you, and working for you, has been one of the best parts of my Gettysburg experience. A president needs to be someone who knows all their classmates, is approachable, and who works hard to make sure classmates have confidence that their voices will be heard and served. It has been a great privilege to work on your behalf, and I again ask for your vote so I can continue to work hard for our class.

Drew Lemon (all Year Senator and Vice President) and Gia Komst (Vice President) – Joint Ticket

Drew Lemon '24 (Photo provided)

Drew Lemon ’24 (Photo provided)

Drew Lemon: In my decision to cast a ballot for Senator and Vice President for class ‘24 positions for the 2022-2023 academic year, I wish to build and continue both new and existing projects that have been designed to better advance student life and the undergraduate experience for all Gettysburg College students and our campus. After serving both my class and the senate for the past two years during my time at the college, I have been given the opportunity to bring my diligent and timely leadership to the student body and administrative table, while boosting the college experience to all students, faculty, and staff.

Most recently, my past year serving as a co-chair and director of the College Life Advisory (CLAC) has brough much positivity, innovation, and improvement to the college. Specifically, my work with my fellow co-chair and committee members has help to 1) organize, showcase, and fund numerous new student club startups, 2) boost administrative transparency with COVID-19 and off-campus housing polices and 3) meet, build and advocate for improved student college policy with our administrators through this years campus printing and IT infrastructure overhaul that brought printers back to the library.

Additionally, my work in the committee has helped to solve the ever-continuing labor shortage with student and full-time employee’s that is plaguing our dining experience. Perusing this, my leadership with the committee has successfully formed relationships with top dinning service directors to help solve the dinning shortage problem at our campus dining facilities.

But perhaps the most exciting project that has been developed with the help of my leadership in the Senate and my Committee will be the planned Campus Bike Program Initiative, which is nearing the final stages of implementation to our campus. One of the largest projects ever pursued by a senate committee, this collective seeks to bring an electric campus bike share program that will improve the environmental sustainability and student transportation accessibility of all students on our campus.

In all, my leadership in senate and co-directorship of my committee over the past two years has enabled me to build sustaining relationships with both Gettysburg students and faculty. My leadership and work in senate has enabled me the opportunity to form key relationships with the top leaders of our college, enabling my voice to best be heard and showcased to the administration when building policy and new projects that will benefit all of our Gettysburg students.

With this, I would humbly ask for your vote to entrust me as Vice President and Senator for the class of ’24 so that I can continue to be an advocate and voice to our college administration and body for the livelihood and improved campus experience for all Gettysburg students. Thank you.

Gia Komst '24 (Photo provided)

Gia Komst ’24 (Photo provided)

Gia Komst: In addition to my last two years as vice president here, I have continued to become involved in various parts of the Gettysburg community. I have been a part of the indoor track and field and the softball team, worked as a CA in the residential community, joined Gamma Phi Beta, and participated in the Eisenhower Institute. Community service and volunteering have been a huge part of my life and I want all of these activities to follow me throughout the rest of my time here in college. These experiences allowed me to meet new and amazing people and be a part of what felt like a close-knit family throughout my whole town and school system. I recognize the differences of individuals across this college campus setting and within our everyday lives and want to make this class have a supportive family feel as well. I hope to be the person that hears, understands, and acts on the problems and concerns we face at Gettysburg. I want your voice to be heard. Gettysburg College is an amazing school that we should all be proud to be a part of. I believe this starts with this class, our class, to be welcoming to each student.

My two years here as vice president were better than I could have imagined. I had the opportunity to work with the other officers each week to discuss how to engage the class and make sure everyone’s needs were being met. We also spent our time planning meetings with the guidance of the first-year advisory group. The group worked on getting to know each other as fellow peers and graduating class members even without the opportunities most get their first year here. The virus has brought a tough situation on all of us, but as officers, we needed to do what we could to make everyone feel a part of the community.

Next semester I will be traveling to Jordan to partake in a study abroad program volunteering with Syrian refugee health. Although I am leaving, I would still like to be recognized as your vice president. Therefore, I have asked Drew Lemon to run with me and serve in the fall semester while I am gone. I would love to continue this work next year and remain as your vice president alongside Drew Lemon.

Gwen Michaels and Niamh Gorman (Treasurer) – Joint Ticket

Gwen Michaels '24 (Photo provided)

Gwen Michaels ’24 (Photo provided)

Gwen Michaels: I hope to be re-elected as Treasurer for the Class of 2024 for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, I believe I can make an ultimately positive impact on campus by promoting equity, inclusion, and student voices. By prioritizing both campus-wide and class-specific voices, I will be able to better work with Gettysburg College’s administration to work for change. Along with this, I hope to continue my efforts in making class traditions, in order to enhance the opportunities for my class and those yet to come. Over the past two years as Treasurer, I have worked to help shape my class’s experience throughout the pandemic; I will bring this energy with me if re-elected and work through any potential challenges. I am committed to the Class of 2024; as Treasurer I will continue working towards class-wide goals.

Niamh Gorman: I hope to be elected as Treasurer for the Class of 2024 fall semester and work in tandem with Gwen Michaels. I believe that student government is an essential aspect of communication between the students and college administration, and I would like to devote my time to ensuring that student voices are heard by the College. I have previous experience in student government, as I served on my high school’s executive board for three consecutive years in addition to serving as class treasurer for a year. I also am a member of the standards board at Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority on Gettysburg campus and will be taking a position as the Vice President of Finance for this organization in the fall. Working with students and developing financial plans that ensure students enjoy their college experience while retaining financial responsibility is my top priority and I thoroughly enjoy this work. If elected I will bring new ideas while having the support of Gwen, the current class treasurer, to support the growth and development of my term as class treasurer.

Brendan Donnoley (Treasurer and All Year Senator)

My name is Brendan Donnelly, and I am running for the position of Gettysburg Senator for the 2022-2023 school year. I have had the pleasure of serving as senator at large for the last year and I have represented my class with the utmost dignity in matters both large and small. I wish to continue to serve at the discretion of the class of 2024, so that I may continue to bridge the gap between the administration and the students. The college has seen many unfortunate events occur that have diminished our faith in senate, so I intend to bring calm and collected leadership to ensure that the students of Gettysburg College get the representation they deserve. I hope that as we enter our junior year that these issues will become fewer and farther between, but if they persist, I will work for all of you for a Gettysburg senate we can all be proud of.

Natalie Peck and Abby Zucatti (Secretary) – Joint Ticket

Natalie Peck (Photo provided)

Natalie Peck ’24 (Photo provided)

Natalie Peck: For the past two years, I have served as the Secretary for the Class of 2024.  During the spring semester of our first year, the four class officers organized a First Year Advisory Group composed of about 18 first years.  We were divided into 3 committees to be in touch, publicize first year events, and execute the plans.  I also completed the group facilitation fellowship with GLC on campus fall of 2021 and I completed the GLC Leadership Certificate this past year.  I also was selected to be an RA for this past academic year.  I successfully helped plan the Sophomore Year walk, as we were not able to have one our first year.  For the “why” portion, I am sure that I would be the right student for the secretary because of how organized I like to be.  Furthermore, I genuinely enjoyed this position the last two years at Gettysburg College.

Abby Zucatti: Here on campus, I am involved with various groups, jobs, and communities across campus such as admissions tour guide and having had obtained my Leadership Certificate through the GLC. I am also a peer learning associate in the economics department. This role allows me to expand on my people skills as I must sometimes explain things in many ways for my peers to understand. Having this perspective makes me a great candidate for this position because I know everyone perceives and understands things differently. I will be able to take this knowledge and apply it to everything I do in this position. I would also like to highlight my strong sense of communication, organization, and personability which make me a great fit for this position as secretary.

Clayton Brosend '24 (Photo provided)

Clayton Brosend ’24 (Photo provided)

Clayton Brosend (All Year Senator)

Gettysburg College is blessed with many virtues including a rich history, robust academic programs, and a driven student body. Unfortunately, the state of the student experience in recent years has fallen out of pace with the many other attributes which initially attracted many of us to this college. After two years of assessing the campus climate, it has become evident to me that a significant disconnect exists between the student body and both the administration and the very students representatives we elect.

Time and time again, we observe a familiar pattern where students directly or indirectly voice their complaints and are ultimately met with a lengthy “no” from administration. While the Student Senate is designed to help these voices be heard, this is not the reality for far too many students. Especially for those without interest in campus politics, the Senate comes across as an unapproachable and pretentious organization.

These points can all concentrated into a simple statement: students feel that their concerns are delegitimized but do not possess enough time to devote to taking the issues head-on. I intend to serve as a voice for the series of collective frustrations which define this student experience. By confronting the multitude of redundancies and internal attitudes which have come to define the this organization, I plan to once again make Senate an accessible vehicle for change that actually represents students.

Ben Fox '24 (Photo provided)

Ben Fox ’24 (Photo provided)

Ben Fox (Fall 2022 Senator)

I am running for Student Senate because I believe that we can make Gettysburg College much better than it is now for current and future students. I hear many frustrations among students especially upperclassman who have experienced Gettysburg pre-COVID and have noticed significant downgrades in the quality of life here. When I first visited the Gettysburg campus, I loved the energy and enthusiasm the students and professors had and the vibe the school gave off made me want to be a Bullet. But for the past two years, the pandemic has created a negative environment for everyone on campus, and brought down the school morale because of mask mandates, removal of off-campus housing, lack of fun social activities and poorer quality of food services.  I believe now that the era of COVID is over, and as a Student Senator, I plan to focus on bringing Gettysburg back to the fun, dedicated, hardworking school it was and making it even better.

I believe actions speak louder than words, and I’ve shown my dedication to Gettysburg by being a member of the swim team, Newman Society, College Republicans, working as a lifeguard, and as a Summer Orientation Leader. I plan on going to law school after graduation and have been on the Dean’s List and Dean’s Commendation lists every semester, so I know how important a good classroom environment must be.  That is why I know how important it is to remove the mask mandate, so we can encourage debate and communications with students and faculty in classes instead of hindering it with the mask requirement.   Going to Costa Rica during the Spring Immersion program introduced me to other great Gettysburg students, and it showed me how important it is to have more social activities on campus to bring different people together, such as having celebrities perform during the semester.  Being a member of the swim team, Newman Society and College Republicans also showed me how invaluable having off-campus housing is for upper classmen to grow as people and have a living environment that encourages students to work together and support each other.  That is why I plan on focusing on getting the above goals met so that Gettysburg can continue to attract great students in the future and provide them an academic and social environment where they can thrive.

Jake Gandolfo (All Year Senator)

My name is Jake Gandolfo and I am rising junior at Gettysburg College. I am a proud member of Army ROTC and the football team here at Gettysburg. I have also served on student senate for my first two years at Gettysburg. I hope to bring the change that senate needs. My first two years have simply been underwhelming. My voice will be heard

I have been blessed with many skills and opportunities in my life. More importantly, I’ve been blessed with great people in my circle who have helped develop those skills. I take a lot of pride in my work-ethic and resilience. It has shown in my academic, athletic, and musical achievement.

Alexis Jones '24 (Photo provided)

Alexis Jones ’24 (Photo provided)

Alexis Jones (Senator Fall 2022)

During my first year at Gettysburg College, I served as a class senator, BSU representative, and Peace & Justice Studies representative. This served as an introduction to Gettysburg College campus and Senate. During my second year, I served on the executive board as parliamentarian. Through these experiences I was able to see what type of initiatives can be brought to the senate floor and the work that committees are able to do. If elected again as class senator my purpose would be to bring forth initiatives that align with my passions and that I feel are beneficial for the campus such as sustainability, diversity of students and faculty, and accountability of administration concerning student initiatives.

My past experiences on campus include the previous senate positions mentioned, BSU Vice President, Environmental Studies DEI Advisory committee, and my job at the GLC as an outdoor facilitator. I have also served on faculty boards such as the Integrated Learning Committee which reviewed future curriculum in order to increase diversity of topics and make the topics taught more applicable to real world experiences after graduation.

Jack Murphy (All Year Senator)

My name is Jack Murphy. I am a rising Junior here at Gettysburg College. I am a proud member of the Gettysburg Swim Team. My goal for Student Senate is to increase transparency between the student body and the administration. This year it has been clear that the administration has been struggling to communicate with students. Throughout my sophomore year, I have worked independently with the upper echelons of the administration of this college to address student concerns surrounding the tumultuous housing issues. As time has passed, it has become clear to me that there is no way that the college will allow off campus housing again. Nonetheless, I am hoping to find a medium in which the college will give the off-campus housing experience to on campus apartments. I am hopeful that we can build bigger common rooms in our residential halls to allow for that off campus feel. Another main agenda that I am noticeably confident in achieving, is the allowance of Halal and CJs to be at Bullet Hole and dining dollars can be used there. I passionately believe that this will increase their business profits as hungry students will frequently flock to their favorite late-night bites. My goal this year is to achieve these initiatives that I have been working on and listen to other concerns brought to me by the student body. I hope that you will join me along the way.

Alex Rosado '24 (Photo provided)

Alex Rosado ’24 (Photo provided)

Alex Rosado (All Year Senator)

When first arriving at Gettysburg College in August 2020, I immediately felt the warmth of this new community and knew Gettysburg would be my new home. Gettysburg has a community like none other, and through the worst of unprecedented times, we always found ways to thrive. I admire a cohort with the tenacity and kinship that Gettysburg has, and I wish to return the favors that the Class of 2024, and other Gettysburg organizations, have presented me.

I am running for re-election as Class of 2024 Senator because the Class of 2024 needs a representative who can convey their ideas and proposals to Student Senate. Far too often, I hear people bemoan the state of the college and the administration’s neglect rather than realize the opportunities they provide students. With a delegate who can skillfully listen and communicate with their student population, I can transform the disapproval into worthy policy ideas and execution. It is time somebody bridges the gap between students’ wants and needs and the institutions that govern them.

The Class of 2024 additionally requires a Senator who can demonstrate effective leadership and stand true to Gettysburgian values. As a club President, I routinely empower Gettysburg students to get involved with their campus and school spirit. Further, being the Risk Manager of my fraternity instilled me with a duty to better my environment and serve as a resource for guidance and overall assistance. These experiences endowed me with responsibility, organizational skills, and acceptance, qualities which propelled me to achieve more remarkable feats at Gettysburg. I know the value of standing tall and proud with your values and the importance of doing great work. Student Senate needs a fighter who can devotedly carry those traits, among others, when getting the job done.

Above all, Student Senate is where diversity of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives can flourish. Every person has a valid stance and inclusiveness in representation is a great vehicle for letting those who lack a voice be heard. Continuing to be a part of the Student Senate would be an honor and I will continue the significant progress Student Senate has made for off-campus housing, dining solutions, and COVID policies. I hope you consider my statement of purpose and résumé for the Class of 2024 Student Senator position. Let us do great work together for the academic year to come.

Class of 2025

Zach Brooks '25 (Photo provided)

Zach Brooks ’25 (Photo provided)

Zach Brooks (President)

Hello members of the Gettysburg Class of 2025, I seek to serve as Class President for the 2022-23 school year. I wish to be a public servant for our class and offer a new perspective on current class/senate issues, projects, and initiatives. I believe in the importance of there needing to be a revolving door of student voices involved in Student Government. I believe new faces, like myself, offer an outsider’s perspective on current issues and can allow for those issues to be understood from a new angle.

While I had not previously served in any Student Government position at Gettysburg College, I was involved in SGA in high school as Class Treasurer, Homecoming Committee co-chair, and Prom Committee co-chair. I am also a highly organized individual and believe these skills will be helpful to best take into account multiple perspectives and a diversity of opinions on relevant issues. I hope to be a reflective leader if given this opportunity to serve our class. Thank you all for your time and consideration.

Carl Demarco '25 (Photo provided)

Carl Demarco ’25 (Photo provided)

Carl Demarco (President and All Year Senator)

To serve one’s community is one of the noblest callings one could answer. I was first elected in 2016 to serve as my graduating class’s (2021) President and held the position for five years with my last term ending in June of 2021. Continuing this noble calling, I was then honored to be elected President of the Class of 2025 here at Gettysburg College. Over the course of the past six years, I have faced a myriad of decisions and have developed a series of events that culminated in my class having an almost “normal” last month of school. I worked tirelessly always advocating for my class. By the end of June 2021, it felt that I had 527 brothers and sisters who I looked out for just as a sibling would. That feeling is what compels me to seek this office here at Gettysburg. I wish to continue developing a strong community here and strengthen the voice of all the students at Gettysburg College. It is vital that a government work for the people they serve, and if elected it is my hope to give you the opportunity to have your voice heard.

Michael Woods '25 (Photo provided)

Michael Woods ’25 (Photo provided)

Michael Woods (Treasurer and All Year Senator)

If elected, I will work to ensure that the voices of all students on this campus are heard! I promise to advocate for the changes the Class of 2025 wants to see! Furthermore, I will always be available to directly listen to any concerns, suggestions, or ideas, and I will then strive to implement the changes required to effectively address the issues faced by our class. In my opinion one of the most pressing of these issues is the quality of the student housing available on campus. Currently, the housing available varies in quality. If elected, I plan to strongly advocate for housing improvements and upgrades so that their quality will be more equal. One of the more specific issues I intend to act upon is the quality of toilet paper available to the student body. I feel that this change as well as other bathroom improvements can help to reduce the spread of germs and better protect the health of the students. Additionally, I plan to continue working to implement a Campus-Wide Bike Share Program that all students can use. As an elected official, I will strive to make informed decisions that benefit all members of the class, and as Treasurer, I will continue to design and implement exciting grade-wide activities. Thank you, and I would greatly appreciate your vote. To conclude, a vote for Michael Woods makes cents!

Chris Miller (All Year Senator)

If elected to the Senate I will continue to strive for projects I have been working on throughout this year to improve Gettysburg College. I will continue the discussion on off campus housing and seek to compromise with the school’s administration. I will continue to work hard to include everyone’s opinions in my decisions on the Senate floor. Having served for almost two semesters now, I learned many lessons as well, I found out that the getting things done right is difficult and I worked my best to keep promises made and promises kept alive. The toilet paper issue has worsened since the beginning of the year, I have and will continue to work to get the toilet paper issue resolved. At the same time, I have worked with my fellow Senators to get bikes on campus for students to rent, to allow ease of travel between buildings and classes. The work I have started is not yet finished, but with another term in office I will work to strive to tackle the issues we all care about. Thank you very much for reading my purpose statement.

Lana Sader (Fall 2022 Senator)

Good ideas are essential but hardly enough by themselves. They require a passionate sponsor and hard work to build consensus around them. I am a part of this campus, and I am determined to leave it a better place than when I found it. I’ve lived on campus for a year now and better understand the pain points that we would all like to improve. I’ve also had a full year of experience as a voting member on the Senate and served on the opinions and outreach committee, therefore I would submit to you that I am better prepared to successfully lead your initiatives to success. I am openminded and seek to understand different perspectives in pursuit of Win-Win solutions. Among my achievements during the previous term is the change in the facilities’ AC policy, in preparation to install much needed air conditioning in fraternity basements and other social spaces. Another project I led successfully was the “Senate open”, through which the college was “testing” people’s feedback before deciding to start using the attic again. If elected, I will spare no effort in representing you with loyalty and impact.

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Author: Phoebe Doscher

Phoebe Doscher ’22 is the Editor-in-Chief of The Gettysburgian. She formerly worked as Magazine Editor, News Editor, Assistant News Editor, Staff Writer, and Copyeditor. She is an English with a Writing Concentration and Theatre Arts double major. On campus, she is an intern for Gettysburg’s Communications & Marketing Office, the president of the Owl & Nightingale Players, and the News Director for WZBT, serving as the co-host of The Gettysburgian’s podcast On Target.

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