Student Senate Committees Present Semester Progress

Stine Lake Photo courtesy of Gettysburg College

Stine Lake
Photo courtesy of Gettysburg College

By Katie Oglesby, News Editor

Student Senate met Nov. 9 for committee presentations. 

Treasurer Connor Heath ‘23 began by mentioning that there would be a budget request to approve at the next meeting. Chair of Senate Outreach Committee Sydney Quan ‘22 gave a presentation on headshots to ensure the rest of the Student Senate would submit them to her for their website properly. Chair of Academic and Career Affairs Committee Garrett Goodwin ‘21 briefly discussed the committee’s recent achievements with S/U grading and the ten additional new courses to the curriculum. Chair of Safety Committee Angie Schuerman discussed the committee’s work on the Student Health Agreement, COVID education, and CPR and first-aid training on campus.

Chair of the Sustainability Committee Nadine Snyder ‘21 gave a presentation on the issues within the fast fashion industry.

“Ultimately, sustainability shouldn’t be dependent on the consumers,” she said. “And on a small scale individual actions may not seem to matter, but on a large scale…it does matter.”

When the meeting opened up for student concerns, Chair of Diversity Committee Lucas Toglia ‘22 reminded everyone that the Opinions Committee would be bringing a proposal to the next meeting.

Lastly, Student Senate President Kurtis Grey ‘21 ended the meeting by discussing the Senate’s plans to create discussion panels, particularly during the newly announced weeklong January term. 

Senate will meet again Monday, Nov. 16. 

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Author: Katie Oglesby

Katelyn (Katie) Oglesby '23 serves as the News Editor of the Gettysburgian. She is an English with a Writing Concentration and Political Science double major. She is from San Diego, California, and often spends most of her free time reading or writing. She is also the 5k Treasurer for Alpha Phi Omega and a staff editor for the Mercury Literary Magazine.

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