Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrates East Asian Culture on Campus

Mid-Autumn Festival

Lanterns lit Stine Lake during the Mid-Autumn Festival (Photo Lily Zhou / The Gettysburgian)

By Alli Dayton, Contributing Writer

The Gettysburg College Office of Student Activities & Greek Life defines the Mid-Autumn Festival as “a traditional festival in Chinese culture that celebrates the end of the autumn harvest.” The Office, along with International Student Services, coordinated the event on Friday, Oct. 2 to honor the traditions of East Asian communities and to inform other students on campus about the Festival.

Students who were knowledgeable about the Mid-Autumn Festival greeted attendees and shared anecdotes about the significance of the celebration. A large screen displayed music videos from Asian cultures as students gathered in small groups to discuss the event with one another.

In many ways, the night presented itself as a welcome deviation from typical on-campus affairs.

Julia Dortch ‘24 agreed, saying that “the Mid-Autumn Festival was a nice way for students to get outside…and socialize with each other,” while also learning about another culture.

Above the clusters of students, strands of lights hung with paper lanterns attached to them, which created an idyllic scene on Stine Lake where the event was held. Attendees weaved through tables with different activities that related to the Festival, including paper lantern making, calligraphy lessons, and offerings of moon cakes.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is part of a series of events presented by the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life intended to cultivate positive interactions between students on campus. The next of these events is Fall Fest, which will occur from Oct. 8 -11.

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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