Senate Welcomed New FY Senators and Discussed COVID-19 Behavior Rules

By Kyle Beatty, staff writer

President Kurtis Grey ‘21 welcomed all students and senators to the second student senate meeting of the academic year, held over Zoom on Monday, August 31st. After roll call, Parliamentarian Lauren Browning ‘22 noted that to be added to the roll, clubs should register or renew their registration through Engage Gettysburg.

Grey and Secretary Jenna Giordano ‘23 welcomed the newly elected first-year senators and celebrated the high level of voter turnout for elections. After swearing in the first-year senators and the new senators-at-large, Grey opened with a new proposed format for the weekly senate zoom meetings, which would have three or four committees discussing their current activities each week, ending their presentation with questions to prompt input from other senators and students.

Moving along to student concerns, Colin Hughes ‘23 asked about compensation for school employees who could not work while in quarantine, and about the testing of faculty and staff. Director of Student Activities and Greek Life Jonathan Allen confirmed along with Grey that the College administered no testing of faculty or staff, but had no specific knowledge of compensation for employees in quarantine.

Students continued to ask for clarification on the school’s COVID behavior rules and expressed confusion and disappointment at DPS’s delayed responses to reports of violations.

The meeting adjourned after committee chairs introduced themselves and their goals for the coming year:


College Life Advisory Committee – Miranda Zamora ‘23

Diversity Committee – Lucas Toglia ‘22

Policy Committee – Lauren Browning ‘22

Safety Committee – Angelina Scheuermann ‘22

Sustainability Committee – Nadine Snyder ‘21

Academic and Career Affairs Committee – Garrett Goodwin ‘21

Opinions Committee – Giacomo Coppola ‘22

Outreach Committee – Syd Quan ‘22

Budget Management Committee – Connor Heath ‘23


Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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