Great Work from Home: Day 1

Welcome to the first edition of our “Great Work from Home” daily bulletin, a new initiative of The Gettysburgian during this season of social distancing. Each morning, we will present a curated playlist, a favorite Gettysburg campus photo, and something cool about someone’s hometown, each submitted by a different Gettysburgian. It is a way to start our days together. We’ll present them on Instagram, on our website, and, if you like, via email (see sign-up below). We’ll be reaching out to students, faculty members, and employees and asking them to share, and we invite you to do so too; find links to Google Forms for each of these recurring features at the bottom of the page.

As always, the most important part of this initiative is you. So tell us, what do you like? What don’t you like? What else would you like to see? Get in touch with the #GWFH team:

Much more to come, but, for now, enjoy today’s playlist, curated by Eric Gabriel ’22, today’s campus photo, courtesy of Darby Nisbett ’20, and today’s hometown profile, written by Emily Dalgleish ’22, who hails from Boulder, Colorado.

Remember, you can take us out of Gettysburg, but you can’t take Gettysburg out of us!

Today’s Playlist (#GWFHplaylist)

Curated by Eric Gabriel ’22, Music Education Major

Today’s Featured Photo (#GWFHgtag = Good Times at Gettysburg)

Glatfelter Hall (Photo courtesy of Darby Nisbett)

Glatfelter Hall (Photo courtesy of Darby Nisbett)

“This past summer I worked on campus over the summer and I realized that while the beauty of Gettysburg is undeniable any time of year, the people are what create the vitality on campus that I cherish.”
– Darby Nisbett ’20, Studio Art & Psychology Double Major

Today’s Hometown Profile (#GWFHhometowns)

A scene from Boulder, Colorado (Photo courtesy of Emily Dalgleish)

A scene from Boulder, Colorado (Photo courtesy of Emily Dalgleish)

When I left home in January, I was sad that I would not be returning until May or later. Coming home to Boulder, Colorado this past week has been unexpected and bittersweet. I was deeply disappointed to leave Gettysburg and my best friends, but thankful to come home to my family and beautiful town. So far, Boulder has been a great place to quarantine– I was even recently informed that in the Stephen King pandemic novel The Stand, the survivors come to stay in Boulder. Around my house, there are walking and biking trails that have become superhighways for family walks. Hiking has also been a popular activity among my friends, as we can get outside the house into nature while remaining six feet apart. The snow from the past few days has not yet stopped anyone from going outside. 

While over a thousand miles away, I have still felt the incredible support of the Gettysburg community. My friend and her family completed the enormous task of moving me out of my room in Gettysburg. Professors have called both to discuss classes and to check in with how we are doing. My housemates and I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire together via Zoom. My roommate made a playlist of our friends’ favorite songs so we could so we could feel close while socially distancing. I have been surprised and delighted by the creative ways that our Gettysburg communities have found ways to stay in touch and support each other while far apart. 

I already miss seeing my friends, my professors, and the campus every day, but attending Gettysburg online, spending time with my family, then going on a hike in Boulder could be a new and positive experience as a Gettysburgian.

– Emily Dalgleish ’22 on her hometown of Boulder, Colorado

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