Blasts from the Past: March 23, 2020

By Shannon Zeltmann, Staff Writer

This week in 1930, the Spectrum Yearbook was almost complete. It was going through the final stages of edits during the two weeks to come. The staff was hoping it would be out to students on May 1. That year’s Spectrum was described as “the most artistic publication produced here in years.” It featured colored plates and the covers were green with gold accents. This Spectrum was also divided into seven sections instead of five like past years, with a new section called “Features” to show students at various campus events.   

This week in 1950, the college released plans for the remodeling of Brua Chapel (today it is the Kline Theatre at Brua Hall). The architect’s drawings were released, illustrating what the expected changes would be. A new annex would be put on the entrance of the chapel, acting as a new doorway. There would also be a lounge area created in this new annex as well as two new classrooms for “appreciation courses,” practice rooms, and an art studio. They also planned to alter the chorus room, the stage, and the auditorium. The initial plans for this annex intended to help the music department the most, but the drama department would get the newly updated stage once the music students moved over to the new chapel—the current Christ Chapel on campus—once that was built. 

This week in 1985, the library prepared to get new computers which students could use to keep up “with the modern computer era.” These computers would replace the microfilm readers and card catalogues in Musselman Library. The library bought the Prime 250 computer because they felt it would best serve students and faculty. The main feature was that it allowed students to easily find books in the library by just a key word. While they did not have a set time of installation, they were excited for the new technology.  

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Author: Shannon Zeltmann

Shannon Zeltmann '21 is a double history and art history major with a public history minor. She plans on going to graduate school and then doing museum work as a curator or conservator. She is a member of the Classsics Club, the Gettysburg College Historical Society, and the Gettysburgian, and she works in Special Collections on campus doing conservation. Shannon is an all-around nerd, who loves art and history too much and loves to read and draw on the side.

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