Apology Letter from Phi Delta Theta to Campus Community

On behalf of the Brothers of Phi Delta Theta, we would like to address the concerns that arose the early hours of Wednesday, October 16th, following the campus-wide power outage. During the power outage, our members began playing audio from The Purge movie series. We understand that multiple students were already scared and confused by the outage, and the audio being played from our house unnecessarily escalated these emotions. We apologize for invoking fear to the campus community. While addressing the incident in an internal judicial board meeting, the involved members explained that it was not intended to cause any unnecessary disturbance to our community. Although this is not a justification, we hope that our peers are reassured that the brothers of Phi Delta Theta did not aim to harm or scare anyone by playing The Purge soundtrack. We as the chapter of Phi Delta Theta recognize that such behavior is not acceptable and would like to reassure the community that it will not be an issue moving forward. We as an organization are taking the necessary steps internally by discussing the issue at chapter meetings with our members, placing a cut off time for music on our porch, and ensuring that any member found breaking these rules will have severe consequences. We would like to make it undoubtedly clear to anyone affected by this incident that the safety of our peers is a top priority.

Thank you,

Brothers of Phi Delta Theta

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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