Student Spotlight: Benjamin Fruchtl

Benjamin Fruchtl '20 (Photo Merlyn Maldonado/The Gettysburgian)

Benjamin Fruchtl ’20 (Photo Merlyn Maldonado/The Gettysburgian)

By Ben Simon, Contributing Writer

Benjamin Fruchtl ‘20 is a music education major that is already looking past his impending graduation. Between College Choir, Wind Symphony, and Marching Band, among others, Fruchtl is deeply immersed within the musical culture of Gettysburg College, which has helped him develop and further his dream of becoming a music teacher.

Fruchtl came to Gettysburg College upon learning of the Sunderman Conservatory, where he discovered “a combination that’s very rare for other colleges.” He found that Gettysburg offered a rare opportunity to study the sciences and humanities alongside music, thereby “embedding music in a liberal arts curriculum” and avoiding the rigidity that he feels dominates many other music programs at other colleges.

The musical and developmental opportunities offered to Fruchtl while at Gettysburg extend well beyond the classroom. For Fruchtl, one of his most important memories at college was a spring break trip to Puerto Rico.

Of that trip, he said, “That experience for me was a very strong musical experience, because I got to interact with music in a way that I don’t usually … [I got to try] to engage with music with a population that I don’t typically engage with … That was an experience that I want to continue.”

Fruchtl finds a fulfillment in teaching others, and notes that he will readily, and somewhat instinctively assist any person that he sees struggling in academics. Even in Puerto Rico, he found the experience to be “educational” and helpful if he is ever in an “environment where I am teaching cultures” different from his own.

Though he says he will miss the “community” that resonates with him, Fruchtl nevertheless looks forward to his future and is excited to see where his dual passions for music and education lead him next.

This article originally appeared on page 19 of the October 31, 2019 edition of The Gettysburgian’s magazine.

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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