Student Senate: Announcements from Servo in Light of Dining Services Satisfaction Survey

By Kyle Beatty, Staff Writer

Monday’s Senate Meeting featured a discussion of new options to students at Servo, the upcoming Burgburst—with related questions of budget allotment and procedure—and weekly club announcements and student concerns.

First, President Pat McKenna ‘20 mentioned The Gettysburgian’s latest magazine edition, highlighting its reporting on the college’s carbon emissions reduction goals. Vice President Jack Lashendock ‘20 reiterated that Political Theory professor Chas Phillips won the Ralph Cavaliere Award. Phillips a visiting assistant professor of the Department of Political Science.

Director of Dining Services Gary Brautigam next spoke at length about the work Servo has done to improve student dining experiences. Brautigam recounted the introduction of the Smart Eats section of Servo and the relocation of The Grill and reminded students of Servo Thanksgiving on Nov. 20. With an eye to maintaining the quality of Servo, he informed everyone present of Dining Services’s student satisfaction survey and Servo’s open kitchen policy: any student can visit and inspect the kitchens to gain a better understanding of how Servo prepares and serves our food.

The discussion then turned to Burgburst, which will be held on Saturday, Nov. 23 and will showcase students’ various countries of origin and heritage. Burgburst’s budget request for $7,950 passed unanimously. 

Treasurer Giacomo Coppola ‘22 outlined a new, less detail-oriented format for budget requests that would still fulfill the requirements for Senate review and approval; he and McKenna also noted that clubs could make budget requests for the spring before the end of this fall semester. 

Senate Parliamentarian Shane Carley ‘22 introduced an amendment to clarify the usage of Senate-funded purchases by clubs, mandating that equipment purchased with Senate funds be available to all members of the organization. The amendment was ratified unanimously.

The meeting closed with student concerns and club announcements. Students raised the issues of plumbing problems in Apple Hall caused by improper disposal of personal hygiene products and SpeedQueen’s frequent overcharging of customers for laundry, discussing both the school’s response and the independent action taken by students to remedy these issues. Gettysburg’s Mock Trial Club thanked the Student Senate for their support which enabled the team to win York College’s Mock Trial competition this past weekend.

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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