Senate Discusses Opinions Committee Proposal to Change Medical Amnesty Policy

By Kyle Beatty, Contributing Writer

The final Student Senate meeting of September included budget reporting and requests, recognition of a new club, and discussion of recommended changes to the college’s medical amnesty policy.

Senate Parliamentarian Shane Carley ‘22 introduced an amendment from the Policy Committee separating the Safety and Sustainability Committee into an individual Safety Committee and a Sustainability Committee. Carley admitted that the two topics were covered by the same committee under previous Senate executive council, mainly “for alliteration purposes.” The proposed amendment passed.

The meeting moved to recognition of clubs, including that of “Talk, Listen, Change,” a motion that McKenna had tabled the previous week. President McKenna made clear that Senate recognition of a club was simply acknowledgement that the club had filed the proper paperwork for recognition by OSAGL. After a short speech by the club’s representative, Tristan Chen ’20, the motion to recognize passed.

Following recognition of clubs, Opinons Committee Chair Jack Lashendock ’20 proposed a recommendation to the Administration to revise its medical amnesty policy for underaged drinking to limit the punishment or recourse to the person in need of medical attention or a self-reporter in addition to the reporter. The committee reviewed the policies of Gettysburg’s peer institutions Franklin & Marshall College and Dickinson College to form the request.

The motion received many comments by students and club representatives, who expressed both support for the measure and concern at potential abuse and negative consequences.

Some thought the proposal could do with repercussions or barriers to limit the frequency of drinking to the point of medical calamity. Students in support considered the policy change beneficial in cases when students may be afraid to seek medical attention in fear of earning points. 

“Amnesty means amnesty,” Class of 2023 President Thomas Cassara ’23 said. “The point is to save lives regardless of the situation.”

Lashendock emphasized that Senate does not condone underage drinking, excessive drinking, or breaking the law. Ultimately, the recommendation was tabled for further revisions at the next Opinions Committee meeting.

After another two club recognitions of Students for Indigenous Awareness and the Peace and Justice Studies Council, the meeting concluded with reports from committees and clubs.

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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