DPS Crime Log: October 14 – 20, 2019

Compiled by Kaley Michael, Staff Writer

October 14, 2019 (Monday)

  • Harassment at Masters Hall; Closed – Referred to SRR

October 15, 2019 (Tuesday)

  • No incidents reported

October 16, 2019 (Wednesday)

  • Disorderly Conduct at Phi Delta Theta 109 W. Lincoln Avenue; Closed – Referred to SRR and Greek Life

October 17, 2019 (Thursday)

  • Liquor Law Violation – Furnishing (Referrals: 1) at Sigma Nu House, 55 W. Broadway; Closed – Referred to SRR
  • Assaults: Other Assaults: Not Aggravated: Harassment by Physical Contact at the Dining Center; Closed – Referred to SRR

October 18, 2019 (Friday)

  • Forgery – False Identification Card at Eisenhower House Lot; Closed – Referred to SRR
  • Drug Abuse Violations: Dangerous Non Narcotic Substance (Referrals: 1) at Huber Hall; Closed – Referred to SRR
  • Liquor Laws: Underage Consumption, Liquor Laws: Underage Possession (Referrals: 3) at Van Horn House; Closed – Referred to SRR

October 19, 2019 (Saturday)

  • Liquor Laws: Underage Consumption/Underage Possession (Referrals: 7) at Paxton Hall; Closed – Referred to SRR

October 20, 2019 (Sunday)

  • Fraud at College Union Building (College Post Office); Closed – Referred to SRR
  • Drug Abuse Violation: Possession: Marijuana (Referrals: 1) at 223 Carlisle Street; Closed – Referred to SRR
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Author: Kaley Michael

Kaley Michael ‘22 is a staff writer for The Gettysburgian with a potential major in English and minor in Spanish. She hails from the “Keystone State,” and though she did not choose a college too far away from home, she hopes to study abroad within the next four years. When she’s not binge-watching The Office, she enjoys thrift shopping, napping, and singing with her best friends (in key).

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