Blasts from the Past: September 26, 2019

By Shannon Zeltmann, Staff Writer

This week in 1904, eighty new first-years were welcomed to campus, which was a large class for Gettysburg at the time. All the new students were getting involved in fraternities, musical clubs, literary societies, sports, and other activities, which were “strengthened” by the large number of new students on campus.

This week in 1914, the provost of the University of Pennsylvania cited students doing more “time wasting” than in previous years. Students spent more time doing sports or going to formals instead of doing their homework. According to The Gettysburgian, dances, sports, and other activities were taking up more of students’ time, in addition to their regular studies; college life had morphed into a balance of schoolwork and activities. Some students criticized this belief, saying the provost was being a “kill joy” of other important aspects of college.

This week in 1924, The Gettysburgian wrote about the possible publication of a college humor magazine, which was supposed to be called Cannon Bawl. Students were asked to come up with some great humor to put into a magazine for all of Gettysburg College to see. There was one magazine on campus, College Humor, which had comedy, but many students wanted to see a second publication. The main issue Cannon Bawl faced was finances. Students hoped they would be able to publish it, or it would be a great failure of their time at Gettysburg.

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Author: Shannon Zeltmann

Shannon Zeltmann '21 is a double history and art history major with a public history minor. She plans on going to graduate school and then doing museum work as a curator or conservator. She is a member of the Classsics Club, the Gettysburg College Historical Society, and the Gettysburgian, and she works in Special Collections on campus doing conservation. Shannon is an all-around nerd, who loves art and history too much and loves to read and draw on the side.

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