Advice for the Iulianos

Members of the Gettysburg campus community offer advice to the Iulianos (Photos Maddie Neiman & Mary Frasier/The Gettysburgian)

Members of the Gettysburg campus community offer advice to the Iulianos (Photos Maddie Neiman & Mary Frasier/The Gettysburgian)

Compiled by Maddie Neiman, Managing Editor & Benjamin Pontz, Editor-in-Chief

Over the past few months, President Bob Iuliano and his wife, Susan, have begun the process of getting to know Gettysburg College and its community of students, faculty, support staff, and administrators. To help them with this undoubtedly daunting but exciting journey, a group of Gettysburgians have submitted brief pieces of advice for how the Iulianos can best learn about campus and its inhabitants.

ivanova-reyesDr. Ivanova Reyes

Assistant Professor of Economics

“Welcome to Gettysburg! Below is a list of some things I enjoy from life in Gettysburg:

  1. One of the best parts of Gettysburg is the easy access to nature through the various trails that surround us, like those in Strawberry Hill and Caledonia State Park.
  2. Gettysburg sunsets are impressive. Driving or walking through the battlefields at sunset is definitely a must.
  3. As a small town Gettysburg has its traditional events. I recommend “Wings, Wheels and Pancakes” at the airport. It offers the opportunity to speak to pilots, plane builders and even to fly over the battlefields.
  4. End of the day walks are an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful campus grounds. This also provides an opportunity to see students outside of the classroom, listen to the band rehearsing outdoors or watch teams practice sports.
  5. I have found that bonding with students gets enhanced through extra-curricular activities. Decorating pumpkins for Halloween; attending club events opened to faculty and staff; learning recipes from around the world at the language TA house; making dumplings for Chinese New Year; or cooking together for Thanksgiving have left joyful marks in my relationship with Students.”

Taden Welsh by Maddy Neiman (1)Taden Welsh ’21

Biology and Neuroscience; Co-President of STEMinists, Treasurer of GECO, Treasurer and Activities Coordinator for Gettysburg Pre-Vet Club

“If I had any advice for you, it would be to attend a variety of events on campus. You are making great strides in getting to know our campus already, but don’t overlook smaller organizations or events. Sometimes these clubs and events can have just as great an impact on campus life as the larger organizations and events. The existence and culmination of all of these clubs are what allows for each student to be a unique individual, while also being part of the larger Gettysburg campus community. I hope this helps!”

Suzana Sarkar by Maddy Neiman (1)Suzana Sarkar ’21

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; International Club Vice President, Student Assistant at International Resource Center

“I see a lot of motivated and well-rounded students on campus who are always up to working on new ideas and creating innovative events. One of these events is Burgburst, which takes place in December, which I would highly recommend President Iuliano to attend, as students showcase their cultural performances and food in an effort to ‘take the audience on a world tour.’ It is a great way to celebrate diversity on campus and raise proceeds to help charities in need around the world.”

From L: Mariam Traore, Melanie Pangol & Mariam Martinez

From L: Mariam Traore, Melanie Pangol & Mariam Martinez

Mariam Martinez ’21, Melanie Pangol ’21 & Mariam Traore ’21

Martinez: Environmental Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Host of Voice of a Generation, Program Coordinator of the Women’s Center, House Leader for Latinx House, Member of The Advocacy Coalition

Pangol: Africana Studies and Peace & Justice Studies; Host of Voice of a Generation, The Butterfly Coalition, CPS Program Coordinator for El Centro, Class of 2021 Senator

Traore: Environmental Studies and French; Host of Voice of a Generation, Member of Black Student Union, Member of Gettysburg African Student Association, Multicultural Coordinator in the Admissions Office

“We would like the Iulianos to hear the underrepresented voices of our campus and provide resources to upcoming organizations like the Butterfly Coalition and the underfunded offices, such as the Women’s and LGBTQA Resource Center and International Resource Center. Also, showing support by building relationships and attending events hosted by multicultural and LGBTQA+ organizations to establish trust and communication. In addition, getting to know the communities around campus, such as the Casa de la Cultura which provides programs and assistance to families of migrant workers. Finally, hire faculty and administrators of color that are specialized to assist students, for example, undocumented students and students that are neurodivergent.”

ian-isherwoodDr. Ian Isherwood

Assistant Professor of War & Memory Studies, Civil War Era Studies

“Moving is hard. The best advice, I think, that we have been given about entering a new community is to ‘accept every invitation,’ at least at the beginning and within reason. Even if it is not your type of thing, you will still learn something about the community and its DNA by showing up, and people will appreciate that you’re invested. Also, especially as you are living on campus, I think it is important to get out of town (and away from work) a few times a month to refresh perspectives.”

Kailey White by Maddy Neiman (1)Kailey White ’22

Studio Art and Business; Service Vice President of Alpha Phi Omega, Design/Photography Intern for the Communications & Marketing Department, Schmucker Art Gallery Photographer, Gettysburgian Designer

“Last semester I found myself in your shoes when I transferred to Gettysburg College. As you begin your journey here, my biggest advice to you both is to see the college and its students for their involvement on and off campus. I was able to see how involved the college and students here are when I joined Alpha Phi Omega. This organization gives back to the college and community through its vast array of service projects. From being so involved here at Gettysburg, I was able to find my home immediately and I have no doubt you both will too.”

Iuliano Advice 12 by Maddy Neiman (1)Lindsey Ukishima ’20

Biology and Mathematics; President of Outerspace, Program Coordinator for The Office of LGBTQIA+ Life, Member of Alpha Phi Omega, Statistician for the Softball Team

“It would be great for the Iulianos to meet with the leaders of student organizations to develop a more personal relationship and hear the concerns from the students themselves. As a queer student of color, there are lots of things that we would like to address, and unfortunately many of those concerns are lost in communication. It would be wonderful if President Iuliano were accessible and open to a direct dialogue with the students on campus.”

Sydney Kaplan

Sydney Kaplan (L) and Camille Traczek (R)

Sydney Kaplan ‘22 & Camille Traczek ‘22

Kaplan: Political Science, Public Policy, and German; Co-President of Students Against Sexual Assault

Traczek: Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies; Co-President of Students Against Sexual Assault, Student Senator for the Class of 2022, Her Campus Editor and Senior Representative

“Gettysburg College has many students who are passionate about creating positive change and movement. Whether it is through Students Against Sexual Assault or any other organization on campus, students strive to incite positive change. Our advice to the Iulianos is to truly listen to students’ ideas for growth. While we as students have the motivation and resources to do things ourselves, the support and understanding of the administration is key to bettering our community as a whole.”

Elaine Negron (1)Elaine Negron ’20

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Spanish, President of Latin American Students’ Association, Co-Manager of CUB Information Desk, Office Assistant in the Office of Multicultural Engagement

“A piece of advice for the Iulianos is to truly engage in Gettysburg by listening and attending club meetings, specifically cultural clubs because that is a growing community on campus. All students deserve to be understood and acknowledged on campus and that would be a great start.”

Emily Dalgleish by Maddy Neiman (1)Emily Dalgleish ’22

Political Science and Public Policy, Vice President of College Democrats, Co-Founder and Vice President of Students Demand Action for Gun Sense, Program Coordinator for EI’s Women and Leadership

“Gettysburg students are not only learning how to make a positive impact through classwork: we are also learning how to do so by engaging in our community now. Ask us about the local and national issues we care about, and how we are organizing around those issues. Ask us about how we were able to reach 75% turnout in 2018 for voters registered on campus, and how we plan to do even better in 2020. Attend student-planned events to understand our vision for the future and our leadership. We need our school’s continued support in our civic engagement.”

Photograph by Miranda HarpleIan Clarke

Adjunct Associate Professor of English & Director of the Hatter Planetarium

“When I saw the walking interview the Gettysburgian did with President Iuliano on his first day on the job, I thought, this man is a walker with a purpose. Gauri could barely keep up. I’d love to see him embrace that, for him to appear unlooked for in quiet academic halls, bustling athletic fields, historic streets, the surrounding land–anywhere Gettysburgians are going about their work and play. More often than not something amazing is going on. And at the end of one of his walks I hope he takes in a show at the Hatter Planetarium.”

Maddie Caccese by Maddy Neiman (1)Maddie Caccese ’22

Computer Science, TA for CS111, Campus Correspondent for Her Campus, Member of Alpha Delta Pi

“To better understand the students of Gettysburg College, the Iulianos can visit the clubs on campus. Students voluntarily pick what clubs they want to be involved in, so by visiting club meetings, the Iulianos can truly get to know what things students are actually interested in and what they want to devote their time to.”

Grace Bushway by Maddy Neiman (1)Grace Bushway ’21

Spanish and Globalization Studies, House Leader of Global Study House, President of Campus Activities Board

“If you really want to get to know a Gettysburgian, all you have to do is ask. Any student on this campus would jump at the chance to talk about the organizations or classes that excite them. But I would watch, too. Watch the library fill up on a Monday morning before finals or the noon rush to Servo. I›d watch the events and service projects we organize, and the athletics competitions we undertake. Watch and see how students make this campus into their home for the time we have here.”

Photograph by Miranda HarpleJulie Ramsey

Vice President of College Life & Dean of Students

“Gettysburg has an impressive array of social service organizations that are doing wonderful work in the community.  The Community Foundation, SCCAP, and Project Gettysburg Leon—three very different types of organizations—all do great work in the community—and there are so many others!  Many of our students derive great satisfaction in their engagement with the local community and the people of Adams County.  To the extent that time allows in their very busy lives, I have no doubt the Iuliano’s would enjoy a strong connection with the local community!”

amy-evrardDr. Amy Evrard

Chair & Associate Professor of Anthropology

“One of the basic paradigms in cultural anthropology is cultural relativity: understanding culture from the perspective of the people who live it. I hope you’ll make your way around campus as much as possible and get to know us on our own terms, where we are. Your offer to come to department meetings and get to know the faculty by department or program is such a nice start. I hope you can also visit classes, tour dorms, eat at the Bullet Hole, attend lectures and events, and see this community from our respective points of view as faculty, staff, and students. We are excited to get to know you and eager to let you get to know us!”

Luke Seyfert by Maddy Neiman (1)Luke Seyfert ’20

Psychology and Neuroscience, General Manager of 91.1 FM WZBT, Treasurer of Psi Chi, Treasurer of Jazz Appreciation Society, Blue Note Jazz House Leader, Marching Band

“My advice for the Iulianos would be the same as the advice that First-Years are told: get out there. To understand the college community, you need to experience everything we have to offer, cheer on our teams at home games, attend departmental lectures, enjoy performances by our musical ensembles. Be visible to the students, especially in informal situations. Spend a meal in the student side of Servo every once in a while, leisurely read in the library, sit out on Stine Lake on a warm afternoon and I guarantee you’ll learn more about us than in any formal setting.”

janelle crop 6-15 (1)Janelle Wertzberger

Assistant Dean & Director of Scholarly Communications, Musselman Library

“One way to get a sense of what is happening in Adams County is to attend the annual ‘Giving Spree’ in November, where about 80 local nonprofit organizations will be represented. The format is like a fair, so you can visit with many nonprofit staff and volunteers and quickly learn about the range of issues that are important to our community. The 2019 Giving Spree takes place on Thursday, November 7, 4-7 pm, at Gettysburg Area Middle School. If you come, I’ll greet you at the Bakewell Farm table!”

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Author: Maddie Neiman

Maddie Neiman ’21 serves as Managing Editor of The Gettysburgian, specializing in Features, Arts & Entertainment, and copyediting. She previously served as Features Editor. Maddie is pursuing a double major in History and English (with a Writing Concentration) and a minor in German Studies. On campus, she is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, the national co-ed service organization, and she works as an Office Assistant for the English Department and a Peer Learning Assistant for the German Studies Department.

Author: Benjamin Pontz

Benjamin Pontz '20 served as Editor-in-Chief of The Gettysburgian from 2018 until 2020, Managing News Editor from 2017 until 2018, News Editor in the spring of 2017, and Staff Writer during the fall of 2016. During his tenure, he wrote 232 articles. He led teams that won two first place Keystone Press Awards for ongoing news coverage (once of Bob Garthwait's resignation, and the other of Robert Spencer's visit to campus) and was part of the team that wrote a first-place trio of editorials in 2018. He also received recognition for a music review he wrote in 2019. A political science and public policy major with a music minor, he graduated in May of 2020 and will pursue a master's degree in public policy on a Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Manchester before enrolling in law school.

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