Blasts from the Past: March 1, 2019

By Shannon Zeltmann, Staff Writer

This week in 1924, The Gettysburgian staff had their first ever banquet. It took place at the Battlefield Hotel. New staff were elected that night and there were several who were asked to be speakers for the evening. Also asked to attend were a member of the Harrisburg Telegraph and several editors of local papers. They hoped this banquet would become a tradition for the staff.

This week in 1939, the place for the annual planting of the ivy for Ivy Day was chosen to be the southeastern corner of Science Hall. Have you ever noticed the plaques throughout the campus about a class’s ivy day? Well, this is one of those events. Many graduating classes have planted ivy somewhere on campus, and a whole week is dedicated to the ivy. A marble brick was planned to be put by the ivy, with the inscription, “Ivy Day, Class of 1938.” Should we bring back ivy week to the campus?

This week in 1954, a popularity pole was taken by students and one person came on top—the postman! Mr. Deitch was the “most sought after, fought after man on campus.” The Gettysburgian interviewed him, to see what the daily life of a mailman was. He stated he enjoys delivering checks and love letters, because they are always alike, “except for the signatures” and “the most interesting ones are sealed.” Deitch stated that there were about 2000 mail pieces for the area, with the college having the most mail. He said he was also a battlefield guide. Hopefully, everyone gets a letter every once in a blue moon to their Gettysburg Address!

This week in 1989, two new art clubs were formed on campus—the comic art and graphic design club. They just started, but they already had big plans. They wanted to do several animated movie nights and have guest speakers in the field of graphic art. They were also planning a possible comic strip by students to put in the Gettysburg Times, as well as editorial comics for The Gettysburgian. There also was the creation of the Art Society by art majors, but was open to anyone with an interest in art. They were planning to take a few trips to go to art museums in DC and have guest speakers. They also were given an area on the third floor of Schmucker to use as a gallery space.

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Author: Shannon Zeltmann

Shannon Zeltmann '21 is a double history and art history major with a public history minor. She plans on going to graduate school and then doing museum work as a curator or conservator. She is a member of the Classsics Club, the Gettysburg College Historical Society, and the Gettysburgian, and she works in Special Collections on campus doing conservation. Shannon is an all-around nerd, who loves art and history too much and loves to read and draw on the side.

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