Student Senate Adopts Opinion Regarding Arming of DPS Officers

A group photo of the Fall 2018 Student Senate (Photo Mary Frasier/The Gettysburgian)

A group photo of the Fall 2018 Student Senate (Photo Mary Frasier/The Gettysburgian)

By Gauri Mangala, News Editor

The Monday, Feb. 11 meeting of the Student Senate continued the discussion of the possible situational arming of DPS officers.

A new opinion, a different “organism” than the tabled opinion of last week, as President Nick Arbaugh ’20 considered it, was brought to the floor. The opinion called for training of DPS officers, along with stating the body’s support of the proposal. Some senators voiced concerns about reacting too quickly to this proposal without properly conversing with their constituents about the situation. The opinion was adopted, leaving the similar opinion from last week to remain indefinitely tabled. For a full recap of the discussion watch The Gettysburgian‘s Facebook livestream:

A second opinion regarding introducing active shooter drills to the campus was brought to the floor. Recommendations were made to clarify the training be requested. The opinion was tabled and sent back to committee.

A constitutional amendment editing language and stating that two voting members are needed to form a committee was passed.

Two budgets were brought to the floor:

  • ROTC for $4210.97 for a military ball; allotted
  • Amnesty International for $2,200 for a conference, allotted

Student Senate will reconvene Monday, Feb. 18.

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Author: Gauri Mangala

Gauri Mangala '21 currently serves as a senior editor for the Gettysburgian. During her time at the newspaper, Gauri has written over 80 news and features pieces about campus events, student senate, and breaking news. Gauri is originally from Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Aside from her work with the Gettysburgian, Gauri is the treasurer for the Owl and Nightingale Players. She is a double major in Theatre Arts and Anthropology.

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