President Arbaugh Delivers Speech Regarding Bob Garthwait at Student Senate

The 2018-19 Student Senate executive board. (Photo Mary Frasier/The Gettysburgian)

The 2018-19 Student Senate executive board. (Photo Mary Frasier/The Gettysburgian)

By Nicole DeJacimo, Staff Writer

The Monday, February 26, a Student Senate meeting heard remarks from President Nick Arbaugh ’20 regarding the recent Bob Garthwait situation. He wanted the student body to continue to voice their concerns and questions but asks that everyone makes their statements well thought out. He reminded the room  to be kind to one another in times like these, that it is our duty as Gettysburgians to ourselves and to our community. In closing, he said, “We can’t control the past but we can decide how we react and how we change our ways.” Arbaugh’s full remarks as prepared are below:

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It was announced that ROTC is on fiscal probation for spending their base budget without prior approval.

The senate continued to discuss the proposal of “menstrual care products” in all campus bathrooms. The Senate decided to unanimously endorse this proposal. To see full coverage of the conversation, watch the Gettysburgian’s Facebook Livestream:

Colleges Against Cancer was allotted $3,360.57 for Paint the Campus Purple and Relay for Life.

The Pre-Health Club was re-recognized after de-recognition last semester when their leadership went abroad last semester.

Student Senate will reconvene Monday, Mar. 4.


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Author: Nicole DeJacimo

Nicole DeJacimo ‘22 is the assistant news editor of The Gettysburgian and is a double major in Political Science and English. She is a Jersey Girl to the core but won't hesitate to call Gettysburg, home. During her free time, Nicole enjoys singing, reading, going to Waldo's and having movie nights with her friends. She plans on moving to D.C. after college to work as a political speech writer.

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  1. I find this interesting coming from this particular President who told me in a class that my major was pointless and that there were no reason to have diversity requirements

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  2. Apparently, Gettysburg has become a freak show. Slandering a generous alumnus as a Nazi sympathizer because 40 years ago he dressed up like an actor from a show that mocked the Nazis. Now, the idiot senate approved tampons in the men’s bathroom. We need to mock these leftist goofs.

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