Milano Culture Among Students and Staff

Commons holds a variety of Milano cookies (Photo Mary Frasier/The Gettysburgian).

Commons holds a variety of Milano cookies (Photo Mary Frasier/The Gettysburgian).

By Kelsey DiPenta, Staff Writer

Milano is a popular pre-packaged cookie, and for many Gettysburg College students and staff, these cookies represent more than just a snack.

The prevalence of Milano cookies on campus could be attributed to the fact that Commons always has several flavors in stock, including the new salted pretzel Milano slices.

San Luc ’20, a barista at the Commons Cafe, said that though she “only eats Milanos occasionally, they encourage [her] to do work.”

My own experience with Milano’s is similar to what Luc had told me. Before attending Gettysburg College, I only had Milanos a handful of times. Before the end of the first semester, I found myself reaching for Milanos every night before I started a chemistry assignment.

I found that I was not alone. Sarahrose Jonik ‘20 said that she would always grab a bag of double chocolate Milanos before any late night study sessions. She went on further to say that Milanos have “enhanced her Gettysburg College experience.”

Even the professors on campus hold a place in their heart for Milano cookies. Dr. Peter Fong from the Biology Department said that he “personally likes the raspberry and strawberry Milanos the best with a cup of tea.”

It seems that the Gettysburg College experience is not complete without a bag of Milano cookies.

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Author: Kelsey DiPenta

Kelsey DiPenta '21 is a staff writer for The Gettysburgian who writes primarily for the features section. She is from Mount Laurel, New Jersey and is majoring in Biology.

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