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Photo courtesy of Gettysburg College Athletics

By Claire Healey, Sports Editor

This week, the Gettysburg College women’s lacrosse team took on their first conference opponent, Ursinus College. Coming in clutch for the Bullets this week was assistant coach Kate Fowler.

Fowler not only brought her usual energy and encouragement to the game, but she also brought snacks. First, during warm-up, she gave out some bananas and apples. The bananas would hopefully keep anyone from getting calf or foot cramps during the game!

During half time, she rolled out a large blue cooler of orange slices. This was the most exciting snack of the day, as it reminded many players of the good old days of playing local intramural soccer when parents would bring orange slices.

Post-game continued the classic Saturday soccer snacks with a choice between Rice Krispy Treats or Fruit Roll-Ups. It was a tough decision, and the votes were relatively split between the two snacks, but in the end Fruit Roll-Ups won out as the favorite post-game snack of the Lady Bullets.

Fowler also brought water, apple juice, Capri Suns and Kool-Aid jammers for during and post-game drinks. Obviously Pacific Cooler Capri Suns were the most popular flavor of the day, but when those ran out, lemonade was fine.

A member of the Gettysburg squad credited their victory over Ursinus to Fowler’s snacks. Usually they have to bring their own, so having classic soccer snacks really elevated their game.

The Gettysburg College women’s lacrosse team will take on the toddlers of The Growing Place this weekend, so hopefully Fowler can come through with more snacks and be our Athlete of the Week again next week!

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