To read or not to read… that is the question

Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

By Noelle Zimmerman, Staff Writer

The past few months have been very overwhelming in terms of what has been happening all around the world. Sometimes people are able to stand up for what they believe in and fight what is wrong. However, sometimes people read about terrible things and simply cannot do anything about them . Over the past few weeks, it has been very difficult for people to read the news. In one of my classes, the professor asked us what emotions we feel and what emotions people around us feel about what they see on the news these days. A few things named were sadness, guilt, anger, and more. When she asked us if we knew anyone who felt any positive feelings about the news, not a single person raised their hand.

Should we even read the news if it is so depressing? Adam Yetsko from Ugly Mug café perfectly explains why he thinks that we should read the news.

“You cannot actually have or form opinions and then choose a president later down the line if you did not watch what happened. You cannot actively choose to fix something if you do not pay attention and watch it. On the same note, you have to be really careful where you watch the news because our news right now is split one way or another and even the views that I believe more so are very skewed one way or another. I think now it is really one side or another- there are not many places that are simply willing to give you the facts and allow you to pick your opinion. The great part of America is that we get to make our own decisions, and we get to vote, whether or not it was the right thing to make that vote I think it was people trying to do the right thing but if you stop paying attention you cannot do the right thing.”

Yetsko continues, demonstrating his opinion that people are struggling to come together in the middle.

“There was something on Facebook recently that basically said if you do not get out and you do not rally and you do not do things then you are a horrible person. That is a very extreme, one-sided thing where it is not really our spot to say to everybody that they have to go out and fight for what I believe in or what somebody else does, but if you do, good for it. Show your beliefs.”

Yetsko brings up some very good points. While many things on the news could make you sad, it is still very important to read them so that you have the ability to change them. It might be hard to watch, but the people or animals who are going through these tough times suffer more than the reader who simply has to know about it.



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